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Delhi High Court instructs police to abide by guidelines for arrest During lockdown, Jamiat Ulama e Hind

Word For Peace Hearing petition of Jamiat Ulama-i-Hind through its General Secretary Maulana Mahmood Madani with regard to arbitrary arrest of Muslims on the pretext of investigation of offences related to the Delhi riots, the Delhi High Court today directed the Delhi police to abide by guidelines laid down by …

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Muslims were Successful When They Were Open-Minded and Devoted to Disciplines and Knowledge, Taking the Religion and World Together

Word For Peace There are many subjects in the curriculum of life to lead a successful life, such as good manners, humility, seriousness, sympathy and patience. Despite some shortcomings, our community holds prominent status in many of these subjects. However, I do not know why the performance of our community …

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Ayodhya also known as “Choti Makkah” has more importance in Ramazan especially!

Word For Peace Maniparbat (Ayodhya): Ayodhya may have come to be known as the land of Rama because of the dispute over Ram Janmabhoomi, but it has also been known as ‘Chhoti Mecca’, a term coined locally to celebrate its pluralist culture. This facet of Ayodha comes into sharp focus …

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(India) Muslims Cremate Hindu Neighbour As Relatives Stay Away During Lockdown In UP

Word For Peace In a heart-warming gesture, a group of Muslim youth came together to perform the last rites of a Hindu man who died on Saturday. The incident took place in Anand Vihar area and the matter came to light when the family posted a thanksgiving on the social …

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