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India: Migrant workers’ well-being is vital to the country’s economic revival, unleash ‘Ganga’ of their potential

Word For Peace The images of migrant labourers’ trudging home, some on top of trucks or walking barefoot, with women and children in tow, have shaken the nation’s conscience. Tragic accidents with injuries and loss of life have evoked sympathy. However, the images of the Narendra Modi government’s Operation Shramik …

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500 Muslims quarantined at Aashirwad Bhawan in Katra during Ramazan: Epitomising communal harmony, Vaishno Devi Mandir provided sehri & iftari

Word For Peace Epitomising communal harmony, the Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Shrine has been providing sehri and iftari to around 500 Muslims quarantined at Aashirwad Bhawan in Katra during the holy month of Ramadan. The shrine had converted Aashirwad Bhawan in Katra into a quarantine centre in the month of …

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UN: Attacks on civilians unacceptable, hospitals, medical facilities personnel have special protection under the international humanitarian law

Word For Peace United Nations, May 13 (PTI) UN chief Antonio Guterres has strongly condemned the “horrific” attack on a maternity hospital in Afghanistan that killed at least 14 people, including two newborn babies, saying that those who carry out such “unacceptable” crimes must be held accountable. Militants attacked the …

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Ramazan’s Final Days & our relationship with society रमज़ान और आपसी सहयोग

Ghulam Rasool Dehlvi वर्तमान समय में रमज़ान मन को शांत व संयम रखने के उपाय बताता है। दूसरों को संकट में डालने की बजाय संकट मुक्त करने की सीख देता है। इस महीने की ख़ास बात “शबे-ए-क़दर” है जिसे क़ुरान के अनुसार “हज़ार रातों से बेहतर ” का दर्जा दिया …

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Madeena in pre and post Islamic era

Muhammed Sinan Kolayad, wordforpeace.com “Muhammad preached his farewell sermon to the Muslim community. He reminded them to deal justly with one another, to treat women kindly, and to abandon the blood feuds and vendettas inspired by the spirit of jahiliyyah.” Karen Armstrong, Muhammad: A Prophet for Our Time There are …

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