’50 religious scholars favour operation Raddul-Fasaad’

’50 religious scholars favour operation Raddul-Fasaad’


ISLAMABAD – Pakistan Army has started an operation ‘Raddul-Fasaad’ to eradicate terrorism from the country while 50 Mufi issued a decree.

According to PakistanTribe news desk, on the appeal of Chairman Tehreek e Ittehad e Ummat Pakistan (TIUP) and Nazim-e-Alaa Ittehad-e- Umat e Islam Center, Muhammad Zia ul Haq Naqshbandi, the sharia board of 50 religious scholars of the organization issued an edict ‘fatwa’ that the recently started operation ‘Radd-ul Fasad’ is correct as per the injunctions of Islam.

The edict said that those doing imbalance or spreading chaos are tantamount to committing ‘imbalance on the earth’ and protection of the nation is the responsibility of the Islamic Republic and the army.

Around 50 religious scholars said that they are along with the army in the operation ‘Radd-ul Fasad.


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