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GANDHINAGAR: Vice-President of India M Venkaiah Naidu on Sunday exhorted the world community to unite to tackle terrorism, climate change, and corruption. Speaking at the valedictory ceremony of the ninth edition of the Vibrant Summit, Naidu said, “Terror has no religion. It is the enemy of humanity and needs to be rooted out completely by all countries.” He went on to say: “Corruption is eating into the vitals of our system, and is a big challenge across the world.”

Naidu also appealed to the world community to join hands to exchange information about illegal bank accounts and to create extradition treaties for economic fugitives. “If the world has to be peaceful, prosperous, and see inclusive growth, countries must come together on these three major issues,” he said. “And I hope everybody concerned will apply their minds and give a serious thought to these three matters.”
Lauding demonetization and GST implementation, Naidu said that reforms initially result in some problems, but such tough measures are necessary for growth.
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