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India cannot progress without Minorities: AIUMB President

Country cannot progress if proper and equitable representation is not given to Minorities and backward communities in jobs and government, said Syed Ashraf Kachohvi President of All India Ulema Mashiaq board in a largely attended programme in Lucknow. Displaying a rare opportunity of Muslim Intellectual gathering in the Capital city of Lucknow, speakers from all prominent dargahs expressed their views …

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MIR DARD’s DEVINE POETICS: Ghulam Rasool Dehlvi

Shama ki maanind is mehfil mein ham Chashm e nam aaye the daman -tar chale “ MIR DARD’s DEVINE POETICS ~Ghulam Rasool Dehlvi Khwaja Mir Dard was among Delhi’s most prominent Sufi mystics and Urdu poets. Born in 1721, he was spiritually inclined since his childhood and was trained by his father Khwaja Nasir Andaleeb, himself a mystic of the …

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Who were the first Indians? Where did they come from ?

Who were the first Indians? Where did they come from? And was there really a big migration of the so called ‘Aryans’ from Central Asia? These are questions that have dogged us in India, so much so, that it has become quite an obsession in and out of the history circles. However given the strides science and archaeology have made, …

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