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The holy Ramzan is a spiritual month directed by the god almighty for the liberation of his slaves. The lakhs of belivers were praying since two month before for its commencement. Most of the pious peoples, at very early time, say six months before the Ramzan falls, use to prepare for its arrival and they toil days and nights in prayers to accept their deeds by the god almighty. By the gods wonderful grace we are much blessed this year also to recieve the holy month. At this late hours of ramzan belivers find time in praying to god for their eternal victory by saving themselves from hell and asking for forgiveness of their unatoned sins which they did.

If we are doing an autopsy on the way of living of people in this month, a question rises in our mind that How one is able to change his life from his daily routines to a way of evangelical touchs and haptics especially in this holy month?. The answer is simple as they had a burning desire to make their life merry at the end by winning both the worlds. They well understood the theorem that they will win if they are following the ways which Allah suggests.

There is a narration from Hazrath Aboobacker, who was well known caliph in Islam, about Prophet Muhammed PBUH , in the classical manual kanzul Iman saying that, Allah will arrange few castles and palaces with pearls and oysters. It will be ornamented by the plates of gold and posh silk will be curtained in the nooks and corners of those palaces. Moreover splendid and luminous colorfull tress will be palnted around those castles. And he continued, those palaces and castles are made for slaves who took fasting by obeying all the rules and regulation and it will be registered for those people in the eid day itself.

Moreover Islam provides many posh special timings for prayers in which they will be answerd with no hindrances. The time before iftar is one among it. It can be traced many incidents and talkings among the scholars in which even Ramzan and Quran will come in the world hereafter for recommendation in the day of judgement. The exegesis of Thabrani vividly draws this way of recommendation. The fasting will say Allah that this particular slave has strived a lot in the days of fasting by getting rid from all source of leisures and quran will say that the slave had recited me lot in the days and night of Ramzan. So god will accept their recommendation regarding the particular slave.

The forerunners who understood all these chapters tried their best and won in hue saturating their ramzan. They stood aside from all kind of visions of illicit when those ascended beside them. So men upgraded to position by engaging themselves most of the time in admire of god. The noted feature of fasting from all other deeds is that, it is a deed performed with no show off. All other can be did for show off but the fasting cannot be. For only this sake allah has said that i will reward him(those who take fast). For a long one month belivers were enjoying the chastity and copius rewards. Fasting helped them up to an extend to fill their hearts with Thaqva. The verse which revealed regarding the obligation of fasting points towards the benefit Taqva. The literary meaning of Taqva is fear,belief,atonement etc as mentioned by exegesis of Razi (1/193)

They feared allah and emphasised their belief in grave, world hereafter and renovation. As a part of belief they did a number of obligatory and non obligatory deeds. They gave alms and charity and helped poors and needies and they tried to do all kinds of good virtues which allah said. They curiously protected themslves from doing sins. All this means they were in a life lead by Taqva. As the basic interest of Taqva is to obey the commends and avoid what is unlawful. Most of the whole succeeded in doing this.

A typical beliver is one who lives with no injustice and he loves and hates for the sake of religion and one who wishes good for relatives and neighbours and one who is an asylum for needies. Those are who which is articulated by quran by the wordmuhsineen. Those people with helping mind are waited by heavens and a copius of blessings. Many verses saying their adjective and rewards can be seen in many places in the quran. Here the ramzans ends with making such pious people and making others to such a way.

All must have a stong decision to take forward the virtues which they did in the hours of ramzan. A true beliver will go on such good deeds inspite of time and place. If a person says farewell to ramzan in well and good manner the gate named Rayyan is waiting him. The prophetic teachings articulated a lot on the rayyan and its benefits and for those it has been created. As this are the last hours of ramzan we shall pray to god for our victory in both the worlds and make us in the group which welcomed and exploited ramzan well.

Assalamu alaika ya shahra ramzan………….


MUHAMMED ABDUL BARI is based in kerala engaged in special intensive training in Islamic science with his graduation in economics from university of calicut.

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