An Indian movement of freedom, justice and equality with Palestinians

ByWord for Peace Correspondent
images (2)Word for Peace readers must be knowing the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement. It isan Indian movement of freedom, justice and equality which isgaining increasing popularity in various parts of the world and it is already showing its impact as well. It is the need of the hour to give impetus to this movement in India as well. Towards this purpose a BDS India convention is being organised by “Indian People in Solidarity with Palestine” on 6 March 2016.
Ever since its inception in 1948 the Zionist state of Israel has been occupying the Palestinian territory, committing acts of genocide and ethnic cleansing and infringing the rights of Palestinian people through apartheid policies in complete violation of the international laws. Mightier as Israel may be, the Palestinian people have refused to let these Zionist atrocities go unchallenged as they are waging courageous resistance against one of the most brutal occupations in the world history. One of the ways through which the Palestinians are challenging the might of Israel is to make their resistance global by giving a call for a global solidarity for their just and valiant struggle. As a response, the justice-loving people all over the world have been coming forward to express their solidarity with the Palestinian people and their anguish against the Israeli crimes against humanity. Some years ago a few Palestinian civil society groups gave a call for boycotting Israel on the lines of global boycott and sanction of the apartheid regime of South Africa in the last century. This call has received very encouraging response worldwide and it has now taken the form of a global movement known as Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement which calls for:
1) Boycotting products and companies (Israeli and international) that profit from the violation of Palestinian rights, as well as Israeli sporting, cultural and academic institutions.
2) Targeting corporations complicit in the violation of Palestinian rights and ensuring that the likes of university investment portfolios and pension funds are not used to finance such companies.
3) Diplomatic sanctions against Israel, spread awareness about the violations of international law and seek to end the complicity of other nations in these violations. Israels membership of various diplomatic and economic forums provides both an unmerited veneer of respectability and material support for its crimes.
The BDS movement worldwide has already started to show its impact as many companies have withdrawn their investment from Israel, several leading academics, intellectuals and artists have joined the call for academic and cultural boycott of Israel and some countries have severed their diplomatic ties with Israel and a few have even declared it a “terrorist state”. A growing number of consumers in many countries are boycotting products made by Israeli companies and companies that have operations/investments in Israel. The Israeli economy is feeling the heat of these boycotts which is evident from the frenzied attack on BDS movement by the Zionist leaders.
As a part of this global movement against the Zionist Israel, “Indian People in Solidarity with Palestine” calls for all the justice-loving and progressive people of India to be part of “BDS India” – a mass movement for boycotting Israel in India. We are organising a “BDS India convention” on 6th March 2016 in New Delhi to give impetus to this movement in India. We invite one and all to attend this convention. Let us discuss and exchange our ideas about making this movement a success.

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