An inspiratonal story of peaceful Hindu-Muslim coexistence

An inspiratonal story of peaceful Hindu-Muslim coexistence which teaches the rest of the country
lessons of how to live peacefully and respect each others religious di?erences while keeping the
importance of educa?on atop for children, whatever di?erences. This is really where the spirit of being
religious and nationalist comes in. However, the larger part of the story remains incomplete without us
following into the footsteps of these catalysts of tranquility preserving an age-old legacy of religious
harmony in the valley. More stories such as this are yet to be unearthed for genera?ons to learn from.
Thanks to the, this mission of peace comes truly successful in bringing unsung
heroes of peace-making on the ground to the light and striking a balance between religious and societal
values for a be&er world of human.

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