Attacks on innocent children in Syria and in Kunduz is highly painful: JUIH

Maulana Mahmood Madani, General Secretary of Jamiat Ulama-i-Hind while expressing deep concern and anguish over the massacre of innocent children and civilians in Kunduz- a city in northern Afghanistan as well as in Syria  and Palestine, termed it state- sponsored terrorism.

Maulana  said that an attack on innocent children of Madrasa in Kunduz and killings of civilians by chemical weapons in Syria is highly painful and deplorable.

The attack on civilian premises and blood-bathing has turned out as serious international issue that would contribute to rise of terrorism in the world and would further destabilize global peace and security, said Maulana Madani while underling that that such kind of horrible act committed recently by those countries having veto power in Security Council of UN. He questioned the double standard of American President in approaching the issue of brutal killing in Kunduz while he condemned the same atrocities in Syria.

Maulana Madani while drawing the attention of UN, OIC and human rights organization etc. has appealed to them to take notice of these killings and take stern action against the perpetrators. He also appealed to them to ensure that such kind of incidents do not take place in future.

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