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Ayodhya Supreme Court Verdict: Way forward toward peace and communal harmony

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HYDERABAD, 10 November 2019,

After a marathon hearing which lasted 40 days, the Supreme Court of India has finally decided on the Babri Masjid land dispute. The court will hand over the 2.7 acres of land for the building of a Hindu temple through a trust to be set up by the Indian government.

The court’s decision brings to a legal closure a long dispute that has inflamed passions, resulted in violence between Hindus and Muslims and led to the deaths of thousands of people who have been killed because of this religious dispute.

Following the court’s decision, the Most Rev. Joseph D’Souza, President of the All India Christian Council, issued the following statement calling Indians to now find a way forward toward peace and communal harmony:

“It is time for Indians to accept the Supreme Court’s decision, however they may feel about it. Those who are aggrieved with the decision need to find the strength to work for peace and communal harmony, while those who feel they have won must also find the humility to accept this judgement with the kind of attitude that respects the Muslim community and their rights in a democratic India”.

“With the kind of deep-seated religious divisions that currently plague India, it is critical that people of all faiths in India work toward peace, communal harmony and economic development. India can ill afford another long term trauma like the one it has faced over the demolition of the Muslim Babri Masjid and the campaign to build the Hindu Ram temple at the site. We celebrate the fact that so far there has not been recourse to violence”, he said.

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