Catalysts which aid the Khawaarij methodology to reappear (part-2)  

Thereafter, we find other the first three generations of Muslims, ignorance began to spread. Many hypocrites entered into Islam with a view to destroying it from within. They fabricated ahadith in an attempt to corrupt the fundamental beliefs of Muslims and sow discard between them. Thus, we saw the birth of the first split: the Khawaarij and after them the Mu’tazalite, Jahmiyah, Ash’ariah, Shi’ah, Qadariyah, Murjiyah, to name just a few. In each generation, history recorded the reappearance of the Khawaarij up to and including the present day.

Those who lacked Islamic knowledge believed the misconceptions and misinterpretations of fundamentals by the other groups and fell victim to their methodology. Following these sects, fuelled by their own desires, they made these deviated methodologies famous. All these splits and internal dissention caused the Muslim ummah to weaken from within, as disunity caused them to organize into separate pacts making them seemingly weaker in the sight of the enemy. The enemies where then able to infiltrate, further corrupting the true knowledge of Islam. The enemies of Islam tried to distort the true form of Islam and convinced people with little or no knowledge of Islam to follow these deviant branches. This was the strategy used by the enemies of Islam from the death of the Prophet onwards. Therefore, it can very easily be understood how the Khawaarij are able to reappear time and time again in different forms with different added perversions from the true belief.

An example of the strategy used by the disbelievers can be found in Abdullah Ibn Saba who travelled through the Muslim empire spreading lies, doubt and suspicion about Uthman bin Afaan until he was killed. Abdullah Ibn Saba professed an outward Muslim belief but was in fact a Jew originally from Yemen who was extremely agitated by the spread and strength of Islam and the Muslims. He continued his hypocrisy even after Ali was made the Khalifa and no doubt he played on important part in sowing dissention amongst the Muslims which led to the great conflict between the Khawaarij and Ali and Mu’awiyah.

Another reason for the reappearance of the Khawaarij was that the number of battles the Muslims fought led to a large number of the scholars being killed. This left a vacuum of knowledge which the deviated sects mentioned above took advantage of. The rebellions and revolts and discard against the Muslim leaders proved the huge lack of Islamic knowledge amongst general people. This gave rise to different and incorrect understandings of Islam which in turn caused more differing and dispute and more sects to appear.

Widespread ignorance led to a lack of patience. People did not understand they had to be patient with their rulers. Hadith, like those mentioned in Bukhari, is proof of this fact a cause of breeding the Khawaarij ideology. A man came to the Prophet after being tortured by the Quraysh and said: “are you not the Prophet of Allah?” he replied: “I am”, the man continued: “then why do you not raise your hands to Allah and ask him to relieve us of this” The Prophet replied: “verily you are a hasty people, verily you are a hasty people, verily you are a hasty people, there were people before you who’s leaders would dig a huge ditch and then place them inside it and saw their bodies in half down the middle and use metal claws to peel of their skins, yet they never left their religions.” Meaning they remained steadfast in the methodology they were upon. And the Hadith of the Messenger narrated by Abdullah Bin Amr Bin Aas where he said: “verily Allah will not lift this knowledge by taking it away from the hearts of men, rather he will lift it away by the death of scholars such that their will remain the ignorant ones and they will give rulings and misguide themselves and others”.

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