Concrete Action Points for Peace & Justice in Kashmir

word for peace

By Ghulam Rasool Dehlvi, Word For Peace

The road to peace between Pakistan and India runs through Kashmir.


Indian thinkers and scholars need to explore various possibilities to set a stage for the settlement of the Kashmir dispute. They will have to focus not only on the well known opposing views of the governments of India and Pakistan but also on the rights and perceptions of the people of Kashmir.

Despite a significant shift in global politics duringthe post-9/11, the Kashmir issue remains a major impediment to global peace and security, and its resolution must be a priority for the international community.It is an issue, which, if not resolved could have dangerous consequences on the lives of 1.3 billion people across South Asia.


We will have to take up the challenge to seek the beginning of a dialogue — a dialogue with free exchange of views and opinions, however, different but in an atmosphere that is devoid of the blame game, accusation and intimidation. And a dialogue that can lead all Kashmiris out of the nightmare they live into a peaceful existence.Peace without compromise is untenable, but compromise without dialogue is impossible.


It cannot be denied that the principles of international relations must have universal basis and moral foundation in such a way that confrontation is followed by cooperation, disagreements are replaced by reconciliation and conflicts are not resolved through military might but through peaceful negotiations.


Every insightful Indian believes that peace in Kashmir is achievable only if pragmatic and realistic strategy is established to help set a stage to put the Kashmir dispute on the road to a just and durable settlement. That approach requires that there should not be any precondition from any party, other than commitment to peace, non-violence, conflict resolution and fruitful and meaningful negotiations.

At a time when there are global urges of peace talks between India and Pakistan, the Kashmiri people feel that not enough is being said or done to address the real crux of the matter i.e. the Kashmir dispute. They believe that trilateral dialogue between the Indian and Pakistani governments and the Kashmiri leadership holds the key to any meaningful progress on the Kashmir dispute and they are fully committed to facilitating any such endeavour. We have to muster the courage of conviction to say that the road to peace between Pakistan and India runs through Kashmir.



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