Development, Change, Dysfunction and Mitigation

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TheDepartment of Social Work, Jamia Millia Islami (JMI) is going to organize a course on“Development, Change, Dysfunction and Mitigation”which would be conducted byDr. Alf H WallefromJune 1 to June 5, 2016as part of the prestigiousGIAN scheme of Govt. of India.

Dr.Alf H WalleProfessor at the University of Alaska, USA, will be sharing his knowledge and experience with the participants during his stay of one week on the campus.Prof. Alf Walleis an established social scientist and internationally acknowledged business anthropologist. His major concern lies with the impact of change triggered by business interventions in ethnic areas. He possesses vast experience and skills in dealing with ethnic enclaves and indigenous people. To his credit he has a World class publication record (15 books, innumerable refereed articles.). Current ongoing research agenda of Prof Walle concerns social and economic equity. He is a State certified human service professional in the area of substance abuse therapy. Doctorate, MA in social anthropology, MA in cross-cultural studies focused on indigenous people, MBA in marketing, and a degree in substance abuse therapy.

Faculty, research scholars and Masters Students of social science and management disciplines from different universities will be attending this one week course.

The course shall be formally inaugurated byProf. Talat Ahmad, Vice-Chancellor, Jamia Millia IslamiaonJune 1, 2016at9:30 AMat the Department of Social Work, Jamia Millia Islamia.

Prof. N. U. Khan, Head, Department ofSocial Work, JMI, is theCoordinator of this programme.Dr. Vani Narula is the Co-coordinator of this course.

The course has been designed to empower academicians as well as practitioners of humanitarian professions to understand the causes and nature of dysfunction which occurs due to stress in lives of special groups and what implications it has for mitigation practice. Business ventures, economic development, and other activities initiated by outsiders often transform the lives of communities and individuals. The resulting changes can create stress that leads to dysfunction requiring the intervention of social workers, therapists, and human services providers. This 5 day course provides a background regarding anticipating and mitigating these hurtful ramifications. Designed for both business/development specialists and members of social work/human services professions, a valuable orientation is provided to those who plan, facilitate, and respond to social and economic change.

The primary objectives of the course are as follows:

To develop an understanding of how business and/or social development can trigger change.

To develop an understanding of how change can trigger dysfunction.

To create an awareness of strategies for anticipating and mitigating stress and dysfunction.

To create an ability to conceptualizing a variety of cirucmstances in which dysfunction occurs.

To help develop ability in understanding the role of therapy/social work in mitigating dysfunction.

Envisioning political solution to potential dysfunction

The course will be evaluated and certificates as per GIAN protocol will be issued to all participants. All lectures will be recorded and uploaded on the GIAN portal for future reference.

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