Economic Development: Western concept and Islam

Sayyed Zuhair bin Hamid Ba Alawi for

In modern civilization, the indicators of development are viewed through the Western eyes not only in the Western societies, but in the wider world. The aim of the development in their eyes is to stimulate the national economy and bring it into a dynamic mood and thus achieve a remarkable increase in national income. For that, it suggests the key changes in production structure and quality. The notable rise in per capita income and national income is, in the sense, a fundamental predictor of development. But this period of Western epoch is no longer relevant to other countries.


  1. Development of productivity?

There have been many studies done by the Western concept of development as a product of development. The productivity increase is the main objective of any society, but that is the only one which comes to perfection is a lot of problems. The aim of human life is to be consumed if it is the product development product. This view is based on the Western economic vision of a man who consumes only the consumption of animals and produces endless productivity. The European development vision of the 18th and 19th centuries followed the capitalist industrial revolution. Along with the development and use of commodities and services, there is a lot of popularity in the view of the society that is well-being and prosperous. That was why the value of the morale in the high-income developed countries was ignored.

  1. Application of technology?

Economists have argued that technology should be used to fix a backwardness of a population. The fact that technology is a financial product is ignored here. In every community technologies they are a team of their research and knowledge experiences. The technological revolution in developed countries is a natural growth that has revolutionized the value of Western societies and cultural and intellectual talents and progress. In the same way, importing them into the bourgeoisie is to put an end to one’s incompatibility. Imports of technologies so that they cannot comply with the conditions of each country will benefit and create a new dependency.

  1. Conversation with the developed countries?

We compared the situation in the backward countries to the Western countries. This analogy is that the development can only be accomplished with developed countries.

Countries that are now developed are only one or two centiments in the leadership. The modern industrial world is the result of an industrial revolution launched in England at the end of the 18th century. This revolution influenced the economic turmoil in Europe’s foreign relations. The imperialist tendency in the capitalist system of the day is characterized. We must take into consideration this history as we divide the world into developmental disabilities. Most studies on development are limited to the circle of the nation or society. On the other hand, it does not regard the impacts and external influences of international factors at home. It is ignorant of the modern world order.

Western studies are looking at the problem through social-political angles rather than examining the historical reasons of the backwardness. None of the so-called backwardnesses of the Muslim countries in the past was not a permanent backbone. Islam, the great philosophy of influencing religious thinking, has shown all its good in all spheres of the political life. Its share of human resonance was visible to everyone. Muslims and Europeans have their own separate values. Both have a fundamental difference in both view and values. Islamic values cannot be adequately accompanied by Western values as Western religions evolve. It is not possible to cut its roots out to cook the ideology. Success and failure depends on how much of the human value is covered by any plan of struggle against backwardness.

The root cause of economic problems?

Capitalism observes that natural resources are limited and that the earth’s size or land will not be increased. It therefore feels that human needs will not be solved depending on population growth and growing urban culture. Moreover, it will create a severe economic crisis. Under this view, natural resources cannot afford to match the interests of civilizations.

At the same time, the concept of communism is the fundamental problem of compatibility of production and distribution relations. If they are matched, they will have a steady stream of financial life. Islam does not agree with the capitalist view of the natural resources that is the primary problem. Because God has invested all kinds of riches to solve the real problems in human life. Conflict between productive methods and distribution relations is a disagreement with the communist view of financial difficulties. The ‘man’ is not really the matter of nature or productivity.

The Qur’an says: ‘Allah is the One who created the earth and He has sent down rain from the sky. Thereby providing you with food for the provision. And He made the ships to navigate under His command. And He hath subjected for you the rivers. And subordinated to the constantly moving sun and moon. He has given you all you asked. And if you want to count Allah’s blessings, you cannot number it. Man is a great transgressor and supreme “(Ibrahim 32.33). In the vast universe the human being has done everything necessary. But man wastes the opportunity. His denial and violence are real. According to this, the denial of divine blessings and the practice of practical life is the division of economic problems in human life. If the violence in the distribution is eroded and human resource is sufficient to utilize natural resources, all his financial problems will be solved.

Negative sides of western development

While the Western upbringing concept has been involved in material advancement, it must be subjected to an objective evaluation.

  1. Destroy western civilization and the Islamic character. The ego has grown up. Idealism is its hallmark. In pursuance of this objective, they advised to break up to other cultures and continents. The Western world has found no progress on the basis of their values, rather than the three continents and its riches, which are bound to Europe and North America. The thoughtful Raja Garodi was inspired by the story of the overthrow of about 3,000 African Americans to work in North America: “It cannot be compared with the killing of a gangster who pyramidized by thousands of men’s skulls. Shenzhen Khan is a craftsmanship compared to the western horror. “
  2. Western societies who believe only in person and in the well-being of the individual see human beings as production and consumption. Man does not tolerate killing people for unnecessary consumption. Family-neighborhood-human relations are broken. The values of faith, love, etc. were desecrated. All the life that has brightened life has passed. As alcohol consumption increases, liquor and alcohol consumption increased. Suicide increased. Sexual anarchy is a hallmark.
  3. In terms of technological advances, multinational weapons, including nuclear weapons, were built. The economic burden of war not only spread in the field of war but also the destruction of family members.
  4. The industrial concentration and the erstwhile urban manifestations resulted in environmental destruction. Due to the sequel of human life, it caused serious diseases. Not only chemical fertilizers and pesticides, but also the drugs that reach the drugs.
  5. Infinite abuse and exploitation of natural materials increased. Even the natural materials that were not used later were used without any intervention. Some of the natural rejuvenation has been done using more than that. We do not need the ‘development’ of Islamist personality and self-awareness, even though Western civilization itself has been recognized by the evils on development.

Sayyed Zuhair bin Hamid Ba Alawi studies at Madeenathunnoor, Poonoo, Kerala, India

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