Education For All, an Educational Institution in Zakir Nagar, New Delhi, an initiative by

Dear Friends, at Word For Peace
Assalamu Alaikum & peace greetings,

We are glad to inform you that in accordance with the teaching of the Holy Qur’an, “IQRA” (Read with the name of Allah), we have opened an educational institution namely: Education For All, in Zakir Nagar, Jamia Nagar, New Delhi 110025.

We are hopeful that such institutions in the less educated and poor populations will create revolution in whole Indian generation, especially girls, who belong to under privileged and poor families and find it difficult to continue their education.

I hereby appeal to all those who believe in the upliftment of fellow countrymen through education, and helping needy, especially during the Blessed month ofRamadhan, to come forward and help these children, especially girls to enable them to continue their education.

The work of nation building cant be achieved without educating the poor masses living in India.

If they cant get education, we have to take the education to them. Then only, we can fulfill the dream of an Educated India, by educating weaker section of the Indian society.

This noble work will be done by the well-trained teachers, academicians, scholars and activists, who are mainly educators.

We fervently appeal for your support and dua to carry out this noble work.

Truly yours
Word For Peace Team

Contact for Institute: 9540383414 / 8285792316

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