Eye on Extremism: After New York Attack, Investigators Ask: Should ISIS Material Be Online?


“Akayed Ullah, the 27-year-old Bangladeshi who allegedly tried to set off a bomb in one of New York’s busiest transit hubs this week, accessed radical Islamic teachings through everyday internet searches, according to law-enforcement officials. Mr. Ullah told investigators that he read Al-Qaeda’s propaganda magazine titled ‘Inspire,’ according to two senior law-enforcement officials, and learned online how to build the pipe-bomb he strapped to his body and detonated Monday, injuring three passersby and himself. He didn’t go through encrypted websites, officials said based on the investigation thus far. Instead they believe he found the materials easily through ordinary browser searches. That pattern fits with other recent suspects in terror attacks, according to officials. In October, an Uzbek immigrant charged with carrying out a truck attack that killed eight in New York closely followed instructions laid out in an issue of the Islamic State’s magazine, Rumiyah, according to prosecutors.”

Source: https://www.wsj.com/articles/investigators-looking-at-how-nyc-terror-suspect-found-radical-islam-online-1513339201?mg=prod/accounts-wsj

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