Hazrat Salman Farsi Meets His Goal

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Salman Farsi during his work hours, slipped away from his place and quickly reached Al-Baqi cemetry as soon as he learnt that Rasoolullah? was attending a burial ceremony there.
When the burial ended, Rasoolullah? was still sitting there with some of the Muhajireen and Ansaar. Salman Farsi greeted Rasoolullah? and reached behind Him? with a hope that he might be able to look upon the seal of the prophet hood. Salman Farsi says:“Rasoolullah? knew what I desired. He firmly held his cloak and threw it off His back and I saw the seal of prophet hood as precise as mentioned by my master. I leaned ahead, kissed it and wept. Then I went in front of Rasoolullah? and told Him all the movements I made from my place (Iran/Faras), just to meet Him?. Rasoolullah? was happy on hearing it and felt that His? companions will also be glad to hear it. Then I accepted Islam.”
Hazrat Salman Farsi??? ???? ??? continued to work where he did, in the then outskirts of Madina Munawara. His master made him work very hard. For the next four years, Hazrat Salman ??? ???? ??? could barely meet his fellow Muslims.
By this time, Islam was firmly established in Madina Munawara. The Quranic verses of giving alms and obligation of fast during Ramadan had revealed and so was the list of what is permissible and what is prohibited to eat. The five prayers a day ritual was being performed in congregation. Whenever the prayer time started, people united for prayers at the place where the mosque was being built.
In those days, time was judged by different means: either by the position of the sun in the sky, the start of the day by the first signs of its light on the eastern horizon and the end of the day was identified by the dimming of sun’s glow in the west after sunset and so on for each prayer time. But the opinions differed as to when should they offer each prayer for the day. So Rasoolullah? thought of summoning the people to prayer at a specific time. But the question then arose as to the means of call.
What were the suggestions given to Rasoolullah? as to the mode of the call towards each prayer? What was finally decided and how? This will be covered in our next part inshAllah.

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