Heart-rending attacks! Why We are not ashamed!

By Dr. Mohammad Ghitreef

Word For Peace Editorial Note:

Islamic scholars need to muster courage of conviction to write the truth, as Dr.Muhammad GhitreefShahbaz Nadwi has written in this article candidly exposing the truth: The Killer Truck: Another Heart Rending Attack! Why Are We Muslims Not Ashamed Of Ourselves! Why No Introspection?

The Killer Truck:Another heart rending attack! Why We are not ashamed!
By Dr. Mohammad Ghitreef

On Friday,a black Friday to me and to many like me,July 15,2016 there was another heinous,horrible attack on innocent French civilians,who were celebrating their national glory. The killer driver was recognized in initial investigation as a 29 years old Tunician Muslim youth.He brutally and heartlessly took on the poor merry making people and rode over them,killing 84 and leavinghundreds injured as his truck was loaded with deadly explosive weapons.The Tunician young killer has been reported to be in connection with notorious ISIS.
Now It is a time of world wide condemnation and sending messages of condolence to French government from world leaders including Muslim countries, as we have always witness. Yet in our community there will be no thinking about it as we always take these incidents a counter productive or dire consequences of perceived injustices done by West.It will not be any exaggeration if I dare say that even in some corner of our community there would be elements, people call them fringe,it may the case, who would be overjoyed and happy that on of their jehadist fellow accomplished a great job killing so many kafirs in one attack.
Yet in our community there will be no feeling of sham,no regret of loosing so many human lives,and no thinking to stop all that which is tarnishing our image before the world community and maligning Islam(which means peace).And life will be very normal as it is always seen in the wake of any such brutal attack as we have become accustomed to it. As it is OK , with no problems for us!!
We all will be back to our daily schedule,to our normal work to our gossips and chit chat. And there will very soon be celebrated columnists in Urdu dailies specially in Pakistan and in India too,trying their best to passing the buck to the West itself. There will be Islamists everywhere,though condemning the gory incident,some in strong words and some in low profile, but at the same time giving it a conspiracy colour!There will be Jamaate Islami’s official biweekly organ Dawat(Urdu)castigating the terror attack and yet inventing another excuse for inhuman crime,and will surely and shamlessly say,O,look and behold! ”the French secret service in connivance with dobius and macable Israeli Mosad staged this killing drama to serve further war mongring Islamophobs of the West,say,for example Donald Trump and etc, etc. Whey we are not ashamed and not ask a question to our selves that why these sucide attacks in the name of Islam are not stopping because in the long run g we Muslims and Islam are and will be in the receiving end.

Dr. Mohammd Ghitreef is the director of Foundation for Islamic Studies, New Delhi.

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