Hindu-Muslim meet shows humanity is above all

Above & Beyond - We are All We Need
Above & Beyond – We are All We Need

NAGPUR: Humanity is above all. That is what members ofHanuman Mandir Trust andJamat-e-Islami Hinddemonstrated at a gathering held on Mankapur temple premises on Sunday. The gathering was a clear show of harmony the two communities enjoy here.

Sitting under the shade of a peepal tree on a sunny morning, members of these two organizations set an example for others to emulate and called to forego misunderstanding and ensure communal harmony.

Ayub Khan, a professor of English at Women’s College said, “While I was passing through this temple, I took a leap of faith and entered the premises to share my idea on peace. The trust officials welcomed the idea and readily agreed to join us in our endeavour to promote peace between the two communities.”

Khan said, “We need to leave our comfort zones and come forward to serve humanity. If people are blessed with intellect, it is better they use their responsibility to put it to good use. “If I want to be safe, I should ensure safety of others. If I want peace, I should let others live in peace. It is time we adopt selflessness,” he said, referring to a ‘shloka’ in Bhagwad Gita.

Gokul Prasad, trustee of the mandir, spoke of a Muslim family he considers his close relative and urged people to believe in the idea that we will always remain one. “We are all Hindustanis,” he added.

Mohammed Umar Khan, president of Jamat-e-Islami Hind said, “There could be some elements, good and bad, in a community.” Many facts have been omitted from history by those with vested interests, he added.

Temple priest Umesh Chandra Shastri said, “Whether we bow our heads at temples or mosques, we have the same blood. Nathuji Barai, president of the temple trust, expressed his willingness to have more of such interactions.

Abha Goradia

Extracted from Times of India

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