“History of a Labour Union and a Workers Circus: A Circus Archive

By Word for Peace Correspondent

History of a Labour Union and a Workers CircusDr. Nisha P R received her doctorate from the Department of History, University of Delhi, in 2015. Her research was on the social history of circus and circus performances in twentieth century Kerala. Her monograph,The Jumping Devils: A Tale of Circus Bodieshas been published in theNehru Memorial Museum and Library Occasional Paper Series.Her writings have appeared, amongst others, in Economic and Political Weekly, Conversation and Society, Indian Journal of Gender Studies and Social Science Probings. She has recently completed a short term postdoctoral fellowship at the Human Geography Department, Lund University, Sweden.

The Centre for Culture, Media & Governance,Jamia Millia Islamia (JMI) isgoing to organize aLectureonA Circus Archive: History of a Labour and a Workers CircusbyDr. Nisha P R, Department ofHistory, University of Delhi.The programme is scheduled to be held onFebruary 25, 2016at2.00 PMin Centre for Culture, Media & Governance Network Governance Lab., JMI.

The lecture shall be about the formation of Akhil Bharat Circus Karamchari Sangh organized during 1960s and also a circus company of their own, Akhil Bharat Circus. Although circus figures in the common sense as a place of extreme exploitation it is hard to find circus workers unions in the official histories of labour movements in India. This is quite startling since circus flourished in North Malabar along with the Communist Movement and trade unions in the first half of the 20thcentury.

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