How Prophet PBUH established Harmony among People of different faiths in Madina?

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Rasoolullah? named the Muslims of Madinah as Ansaar, meaning helpers, and the Muslims who left their houses and migrated from Mecca as Muhajireen, meaning the migrants. Both the Ansaar and Muhajireen took active part in building mosques in Madinah (including Sayyiduna Rasoolullah? himself). While the two groups worked hard, Rasoolullah? prayed to Allah: “Ya Allah! No good is but the good in the hereafter, so help the Ansaar and the Muhajireen (in strengthening a strong relationship between them).”

It was expected then, that these two groups will be strengthened by a third group, the Jews of Madinah. After migrating to this city of oasis, Rasoolullah? built a strong society of Muslims and Jews, however, He? allowed the religious differences between them. The Muslims and the Jews were given equal status by Rasoolullah?.Not just this, if a Jew was harmed, then he was to be helped by both Muslims and Jews and vice versa,with which, Rasoolullah? laid the foundation of a peaceful, tolerant & diverse society in Madinah. He also drafted a constitution, listing down the equal rights and duties of Muslims and Jews. This is called the “Charter of Madinah”, the first written constitution of any geographical location in the history of mankind.

In case there was a dispute between the Muslims and the Jews, it was agreed by the adherents of both the religions that they would refer Rasoolullah?, however, the Jews were not forced to believe Him? to be the messenger of Allah.Rasoolullah? by so far, was the mostauthoritativeandpowerful in Madinah. Islam spread throughout the Madinan clans of Aws and Khazraj. Almost the whole of Madinah looked forward to see Madinah as a harmonious society. But now, the lengthiest of the Surahs, Surah Baqarah, began to be revealed.

What did and about whom Allah talk about in Surah Baqarah? What were Rasoolullah? to do during/after its revelation? Inshallah this will be discussed in the upcoming part of Seerah.

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