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Preparing for a competitive exam while having a full-time job is difficult for anyone, but it is not impossible. There are many candidates who have managed to balance out both work and job preparations and come out successful in the exams. Be it the railway exams, banking exams, or SSC-CPO your confidence is the key to make you sail through the exam preparations and help you achieve a good government job.It is given that while you are working, you will get less time in your hands to prepare, but you need to prepare your mind to make use of the time you get wisely. Managing your time and keeping up the consistency in preparations is what you need to ace the competitive exams. Here is a list of five tips that will help you in preparing for the government exams while you are working.

Utilize your morning and evening time

For cracking exams like SSC-CPOand any others, you need to prepare yourself to work in sprints and the morning time is the first phase of that sprint. The mornings are known as the best time to study, and you need to set the alarm to get up early. Try to start with the lessons at least by 5:30 so that you get at least two hours to study. This is going to be difficult if you are not an early riser by nature but gradually you will get used to it.You need to sit with the preparations after coming home from office as well. Most people reach home from the office at least at 8:00 pm in the late evenings. So, you can easily squeeze in two hours before going to bed.

Do not waste the traveling time

Time is your asset when you are preparing for the government exams and even the time that you spend in traveling cannot go to waste. Current affairs form a major part of any competitive exam, and you can give a reading to the morning newspaper while traveling. Make a mental note of the important points and write it out in your notebook afterward. This way, both knowing the events and memorizing can be done in one go. You can also brush up on the English portion while traveling and learn things like idioms, phrases, word substitution, and the likes in this time.Make this one of your habits, and you will get a lot of work done over the week.

Set goals for the week

Whether you are gearing up for banking or SSC-CPOexams, setting goals for the week is the foremost thing to do, if you want to crack the exams. However, you need to be careful while setting the targets. It is important that you set realistic goals or else you are just putting yourself under more pressure than you can handle. For instance, if you set a goal that you will be finishing the whole syllabus for quantitative aptitude in a week, then that is something never going to be achieved. Besides, you will not be able to thoroughly complete any of the chapters by going so fast. But, if you keep your target at three to four chapters, then that is easily doable.

Check your knowledge

Mock tests and quizzes are necessary to check your level of preparedness. Use the break time in the office or take some time out from back to back projects to solve a few quizzes. You will not need more than half an hour to solve about three short quizzes. You can even solve the quizzes while you are traveling. Make sure to not leave the mock tests until the end of all preparations. There are quizzes available for each of the sections, and you can complete a few parts each day and then check your knowledge through the mock tests. This helps to keep your preparation updated, and you also get confidence that you are going the right way.

Make use of the weekends

Weekends are the golden time for your exam preparations and for the weekends you need to study for at least nine hours each day. If you can give six hours on the weekdays and nine hours on the weekends that automatically takes up your weekly time given to 42 hours. This is more than enough time for the preparations if you do it diligently. The notion that you need at least eight hours each day is completely wrong, and you need to banish the idea from your mind that you are giving less time that required.

Apply smart study techniques

It is necessary to figure out the scoring parts of the subjects and put more emphasis on them since you are a working professional. There are topics that need less effort but give the maximum output. For instance, when you consider the quantitative aptitude for SSC-CPO, the top four topics should be geometry, mensuration, algebra, and trigonometry. The second priority should be given to Interests, time-work, profit-loss and all the other topics should come third. Learn the shortcuts by heart as they will save you time in the preparation and the exam hall.

Keep a positive approach

The final tip that you need to follow is to keep a positive outlook towards your preparations. You need to be confident about making it possible while being a working professional. It is easy to feel burdened or tired but do not let that make your mind waver.Relax and keep your goal in mind to achieve your target. The road to success requires a lot of hard work, but the results make it all worth it. Remind yourself that at the end of the path lies your dream of getting a secured government job.

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