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The Indian Administrative Service, Police Service, Foreign Service, or any other area of civil service in the country is one of the most prolific careers one could think of. There is a certain glamour associated with an Officer of such status, and to be one, everyone has to start with the Civil Service Examination conducted by the Union Public Service Commission and fire through both examinations to make the cut.

The upsc prelims answer key is one of the toughest competitive exams in the country, with a high percentage of people who do not cut. And the people who make it in the first attempt are truly brilliant. The percentage of people qualifying is a dismal figure. For example in 2017, seven lakh people appeared for the exam out of whom only 15000 got through to the second round. Of these people, many were appearing for the second or third times. Cracking the exam in the first go is extremely difficult.

Making the UPSC exam may not be impossible, but it is observed to be highly improbable. It follows,therefore that one must have a backup option for their future. To prepare for the exam and appear over and over may be perceived by those around you to be your hard work and persistence. But it is necessary to have a means to earn your livelihood, especially in case you have to prepare to sit for the UPSC multiple times.

Opting for a part-time job balances the two nicely, but even then you have much less time to study. It is essential that you learn to prioritize and use your time accurately, so that you may make the best of your situation. Here is a list of things you could do it balance your job and your academic pursuits:

  1. Make the most of your available time

With a part-time job, your preparations are about to get a tad bit more difficult. You are not wholly available for your studies anymore, with commitments elsewhere. What little time you have, therefore, you must learn to use efficiently. Start preparing early on so that you can have enough time to cover the entire syllabus. Pay more focus to topics which are more scoring to better your odds, like current affairs, statistics, maps, polity, comprehension passages which you can cover in less time. Make time to go through the previous years’ question papers and solve them to give a strong basis your preparatory process. Set targets for yourself, with distinct ideas on which topics to finish, in a set period of time.

  1. More done in less time

With less time to study, you must be sure to get more done in a relatively small amount of time. Have a book at hand to make sure you can wisely use any free time at work. Don’t overdo your work hours, because you need to devote time to your preparations as well. Make sure you devote a certain number of hours everyday for your UPSC preparation. Make sure you put in more hours during weekends. As tiresome as that sounds, some sacrifices need to be made in order to juggle the two. And extensive weekend plans can no longer be a part of your routine.

  1. Develop a routine and stick to it

The main reason why tutorial institutions are successful is that they impose on their candidates a disciplined, objective and target oriented studying process with monthly evaluations that motivate. Prepare one for yourself, a timetable suited to you and make sure you stick to it. Set monthly targets and solve papers during the weekend to test everything that you have prepared in course of the week.

  1. Jobs have their benefits

Jobs can have their benefits in your preparation. Being somewhat financially independent, you could buy essential material for your preparations if you like, even if they are a little expensive. Without the intention of demoralising, your part time job also serves as a back up, for future attempts to clear the exam should you failed to do so this time. Even if you cannot make the exam, you will always have your job to get your through.

  1. Channel your willpower

At the end of a tiring day, when you are too tired to do sit with your books, remind yourself that is through your zeal that you are pursuing and preparing for the exam. Channel your willpower and determination and bank on it to get you through to the other side.

Part-time jobs can be balanced if following your dreams is the question. Devote yourself to your dreams and prepare for the Civil Services Examination, no matter what the cost.

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