Hussainiyat implies standing against every form of injustice and oppression

By Correspondent 

Imam Hussain Alahissalam sacrificed his own sons, right from Hazrat Ali Asghar aged only 6 months, to his youngest son Hazrat Ali Akbar. He stood against the symbol of tyranny, Yazeed and as a result of that, he sacrificed his entire family but didn’t adhere to the oppression and tumult.

Imam Hussain continued to raise his voice against oppression and stood by the oppressed in every way possible.

These opinions were expressed by the founder and president of AIUMB, while he was addressing a spiritual gathering namely, Tajdar-e-Madina conference.

He said that the world will continue to learn the lesson of patience and divine gratitude from the life of Imame Hussain.

He further said: However powerful a tyrant maybe, but his defeat is sure.  Supporting or fearing the oppressors is against Islam. Oppression is not only killing someone, but rather violation of legitimate human rights is also oppression. Hatred is injustice and love is the weapon to repel it. Therefore, spread love and remove hatred. It’s the message of Hussain’s not only for his followers but for everyone in every age and in every country.

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