Quran and Sunnah evacuate by the spread of Greek philosophy and there is no more Islamic movement.

The era witnessed the birth of Abu HamidulGhazali, the 5thmujadhid of Islam. He was born in a poor family of Tehran which is located in Toos district of  Khurasan in Hijra 450.

The family was very orthodox. One of his uncles was the well-known Islamic scholar and his father was eating only what he had self-earned His father will find the time for spiritual majlis And once he approach his Sufi friend and he entrust his two children with the small amount of money and requested to bring-up after his death and he was no more.

Imam Ghazali and his brother lived with him later imam Ghazali went to Jurjan for the Islamic study. He leaned a lot of Islamic information from the Ustad Imam Abu Nasar Al-Ismail. He back to Toos after the short period of time While returning from Jurjan a gangster attacked Ghazali imam and they took everything and his note book also accused which is he mentioned what he has learned from Ismail ustad he requested only his note book leader of gangster ask him by teasing “what! Your knowledge depending on this sheet of paper” and he throws note book to an imam. This circumstance reasoned to change his attitude of study he promised himself “I will by heart on time what I will learn “.


Imam Ghazali joined Nizamiya university for continuing his Islamic higher studies from Ustad Abdul Malik Al Juvaini who is known as imam Haramaini in short period he became the brilliant student of the Nizamiya university he was well performed in debate and extra curriculum activities he started to teach students by the order of imam Haramaini and also he started to write Kitab before living from Nizamiyauniversity . He achieved every aspect of knowledge from original sources and he became the patriarch of that era. Than he followed Sufism for a short period from Abu al far made. One that time the debate had going between alim in the chateau which is conducted by the minister of an empire he proved there his talent and he became a member of it and soon he became the final word of the debate.

It is reasoned to offered him position of principal  Nizamiya university at his 34. That city entirely changed and it becomes the one of the most popularized Islamic city he was succeeding in a debate against Christianity and other religion.

Hijra 488 he was 38, imam Ghazali planned to live Bagdad because  6 months of different thoughts and he became thin and fully tired mentally and physically. He dumps all his status and position which is he had from Thoos. All the way he went to Damascus of Syria and he spend two-year there. Then he went to masjid AmaralKhatib of Palestine, kubbathu share and shrine of Ibrahim (A) which is located in Hebron. He oathed there for three things.1)Won’t entire chateau of any empire 2) Never accept any gift from Kings 3)Won’t  participate any kind of debate. Then he turns his journey to mecca and made  forhajj.later he continued to shrine of Muslim scholars and masjid and then to Egypt, Morocco and through a desert.QaziAbubakar bin Arab said that once he met imam Ghazali from desert he was worn tear shirt with leather vassal hanged his shoulder and catch a crutch in his hand andI ask him: “O” imam is it your journey is better than our Bagdad majlis. He replied in two line of the poem:



As he continued his life through 10 years.after he smell that he compelled to present in Bagdad so he approaches his spiritual leaders and they have advised him your decision was correct and however you have to be in Bagdad. And He back to Baghdad. And always he kept away from the relation with kings. For a while he compelled principal position of nizamiya university soon he resigned position and went his native. He started a small education center more than 1500 students learned from him.and he made his disciples to powerful in spiritual level and they conveyed a message of Islam to the world. In that time he finished his IHIYA ULOOMUDDEN which is the well popularized book in Muslim society.

505 of hijra 14th of jumadul Akhtar dec 19th of 1111. It was a Monday and it was last day of his here life. He was known as Hujatul Islam (proof of Islam). He is a light which is shining in the different part of the world till today.

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