(India) Ulama-e-Ahl-e-Sunnat commemorate Mansur Hallaj As “True Sufi”

Hussain Bin Mansur Hallaj, the Sufi mystic of Baghdad during the 3rd century Hijri was declared heretic by the muftis of the time and the king had ordered that he be killed. He was killed in 309 Hijri. The religious circle had said that Hussaiin bin Mansur’s assertion “An’al Haque’ was akin to kufr as the sentence was literally translated as ‘I am God’. However, for the last centuries scholars have debated on the issue and they have argued that ‘An’al Haque’ deoes not mean ‘I am God’ but ‘I am the Truth’. In recent times, the religious circle has realised that Mansur was wrongly declared a heretic due to the wrong interpretation of the sentence “An’al Haque’ by the muftis of the time.

Recently, Ulama-e-Ahl-e-Sunnat of Bareilly paid tribute to Hussain bin Mansur Hallaj on his birth anniversary in a ceremony in Kanpur. Ulama of Bareilly acknowledged the fact  that Hazrat Hussain bin Mansur was a great Sufi of his times. He was the disciple of Hadhrat Sahl Bin Tastari and was a contemporary of Hazrat Junaid Baghdadi. Qari Faisal Jafri said that Hadhrat Hussain had memorised the Quran in the age of 12 years. Maulana Hassan Qadri said that Hussain bin Mansur was a pious and god loving Sufi who was always absorbed in the zikr of Allah and had attained the highest place in the realm of mysticism. Therefore, it can be said that after thousand years, Hussain bin Mansur Hallaj has been recognized as a great Sufi and a great devotee of God by the same religious circle that had once declared him heretic.

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