Indian Muslims Will Not Be Lured Into the Trap of So-Called Islamic State

The Founder-Presiding Of Ulama and Mashaikh Board, Syed Muhammad Ashraf Kichhouchhawi, on Recently Released Video of ISIS Inciting Indian Muslims

Condemning the latest 22-minute video containing the message of foul intentions, All India Ulema And Mashaikh Board (AIUMB), a representative body of Sufi Sunni Muslims in India issued the statement that ISIS Will Not Impact Indian Muslims As They Believe In Peaceful Co-Existence.

The Founder-Presiding Of Ulema And Mashaikh Board, Syed Muhammad Ashraf Kichhouchhawi stated: Effort has been made in this video to misguide Muslims by misinterpreting the Quranic verses.Untitled-2

Syed Mohammad Ashraf Kichhouchhawi further said in his statement:

This video will not impact the Indian Muslims, because the Muslims of this country prefer to peacefully coexist with people of other religions and promote the nationalist culture of India. Instead of adopting the way of clash and confrontation, the Muslim youth of India are eager to create their own position in the society by working hard; hence such a video cannot misguide them.

He added saying, It is worthy to note that ISIS has tried to attract the attention of not only Muslims but non-Muslims towards their nefarious acts and some non-Muslim Indians too have rushed to join their brutal group. It can be evaluated here that ISIS is attracting the Indian Youth towards terrorism by exploiting their condition of unemployment and deprivation”.

Syed Mohammad Ashraf Kichhowchhawi further pointed ut, As it has been said earlier that due to riots and provocative statements, an environment of fear has been created among Muslims, therefore the government should issue a statement to tell the people about the initiatives it has taken so far against those who are creating conflicts in the society. The Indian Muslims trust in peace, harmony and peaceful coexistence. Therefore, such a video cannot succeed in breaking the unity, integrity and the peace of India.

The founder and president of the apex body of Sufi Sunni Muslims in India, AIUMB further said, All India Ulema and Mashaikh Board has been working to keep Muslims away from extremism for the last ten years. And now the campaign for public connections has been further intensified in a bid to spread awareness among the youth and train them mentally, in the lessons of true Islamic faith which is based on peace and pluralism. In this regard, the process for establishing the branches of the Board for the youth in several parts of the country is going on.

Extracted from New Age Islam

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