India’s foreign policy following Jordan King Abdullah’s India visit is hailed by Muslims

Following the arrival of the King Abdullah of Jordan on a three-day visit to India on Tuesday, the Muslims have welcomed Modi government’s “Look West” policy and said that mutual cooperation between India and the Gulf countries will go a long way towards eradicating terrorism based on radical Islam that is being exported by countries like Syria and Pakistan.

Talking to India Today, Bhartiya Muslim Vikas Parishad Chairman Sami Aghai said that Modi governments policies to involve the Gulf countries into a dialogue over radical Islam based terrorism is a major achievement for the country’s foreign policy.

He said that the way the King of Jordan facilitated PM Modis Palestine visit and is now in India to continue the dialogue, it was clear that Jordan was interested in cooperating with India’s government over ending the menace of international terrorism.

Aghai added that despite the apparent failure of a lot of economic policies, PM Modi excels in building relations with other nations and he has proved that during his recent Gulf visit, where he was welcomed in Jordan, Palestine, and Dubai.

Although the Muslims of India were not happy with Modi’s Israel visit, he assuaged their grievances by visiting Palestine as well, Aghai added.

The King of Jordan has arrived in India where he will talk with Islamic scholars over improving understanding between religions and exercising moderation in dealing with matters of other religions, which is a major diplomatic win for the PM.

Commenting on the King of Jordan’s visit, Syed Irfan Salim, Chairman of Sarvdaleey Muslim Action Committee said that it was a welcome move by the King of Jordan to visit India to further the discussion over the spread of radical terrorism as Jordan is a country that is already in a tough position, trying to prevent the spread of these terror groups into its borders.

He said that Jordan shares its borders with several troubled countries of the Gulf region, including Syria and Iraq, and without international cooperation over curbing the menace of terrorism, it will be difficult for Jordan to control the terror groups like Al-Queda and ISIS on its own.

He demanded that while he’s here, the King of Jordan should also raise the issue of Israeli oppression of Palestine during his meeting with PM Modi and request India’s mediation in resolving this political and humanitarian crisis in the region permanently.

Salim claimed that taking into view the excellent relations of India with both Palestine and Israel, it will not be a difficult feat for PM Modi to provide a neutral ground to the leaders of both countries to hold peace talks in India.

Hindustani Biradari Vice-Chairman Vishal Sharma said that the King of Jordan has already said in a recent meeting with Islamic scholars in Amman, which is popularly called the Amman Message, that true Islam forbids wanton aggression and terrorism, enjoins freedom of religion, peace, justice, and goodwill to non-Muslims.

It is also a message of good news, friendship and hope to the whole world. He said that if the Amman Message is truly practiced in its letter and spirit, it will put an end to the pernicious spread of violent extremism.


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