(Indonesia) Muslims Take Part in Organizing Catholic Mass

Kupang Military Commander Brig. Gen. Teguh Muji Angkasa (left), flanked by Kupang Regent Ayub Titu Eki, inspects the site of ‘Kampung Toleransi’ project during the stone-laying ceremony in Kupang, East Nusa Tenggara, on Jan. 7. The project will include the construction of six places of worship in the area. (Antara/Kornelis Kaha)

Some Muslim residents are taking part in organizing the first mass service for newly ordained Catholic priest Gregorius Primus Ama Maia CS at St. Yoseph Pekerja Penfui parish, which is scheduled for Thursday.

“This program involves all community members in the area of Air Baru in Penfui subdistrict,” organizingchairman Yuven Beribe said as quoted by Antara on Monday.

Yuven said some Muslims would be playing key roles in the program, including filling roles such as the organizer’s advisor, deputy chairmanand section members.

“We want to show the public that religion is nota barrier for us,” he said, adding that some Muslims wouldalso take part in the mass offering procession.

He added that there have been similar programs involving Muslims in the past five years.

The organizer’s deputy chairman, Ramli Muda, who isMuslim, said he had taken part in allfive previous programs.

“I once chairedthe organizing committee. The program was quite festive. This isevidence of our togetherness and spirit of tolerance among all community members,” Ramli said. (dmr)

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