Is attacking school children a struggle for freedom (azaadi)???
Ghulam Rasool Dehlvi
When you authorise someone to use violence, the incident of stone pelting on the school bus that happened today was inevitable.
Attacking school children is not a freedom struggle. This has become an advocacy for anarchy where any Tom, Dick and harry is allowed to take to violence and harm public and their property.
Incident of stone pelting on school children shows that it is high time to denounce such acts and also the use of violent means taken up by the so called separatist clergy who are just putting us over a time bomb by encouraging such actions termed as Gundagardi and nothing else.
There is a doubt are we the same people who went out to demand justice for Asifa and are silent about this ridiculous and insane act done by our own people of this region?
Who are these stone pelters answerable to? I ask the conscience of their glorifiers what if your child or brother or sister were travelling in that bus? Who would you blame for this action? It is high time to realise that violence and its glorification has enslaved us to a wrong and hateful religious ideology that is neither the truth nor the requirement for us.
We need to free ourselves first from the slavery of violence because very soon everyone is going to fall a prey to it.

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