Islam introduced the concept of “Ladies First”, said, Hazrat Sayyed Mohammed Ashraf Kichchauchwi
8 April : Pashchim Bangal
“Islam introduced the concept of Ladies Frst”, said, Hazrat Sayyed Mohammed Ashraf Kichchauchwi, founder of World Sufi forum and head of All India Ulama and Mashaikh Board, during a day-long national seminar at Islampur branch of the Board, where he was invited as chief guest.
He added saying: The whole nation is demonstrating against the Triple Talaq bill and our sisters had to hit the streets. This was simply because we stopped practicing the real essence of Islam.
Talaq is an act most disliked by Allah then why do we utter it over trivial issues, he asked.
Alcohol is forbidden in Islam but most of the Talaq utterances are done under the alcohol intoxication. Later, the Talaq givers approach clerics and seek Fatwas. If Muslims do as per Allah’s command, there won’t be any problems.

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