Islamic perspective on celebrations


Celebration is a natural want every human being. Moreover it is a social need. But regarding muslim his celebration shall not go beyond the frame directed by islamic laws. For such celebration within the Islam is appreciated and regarded as a virtue and too he will be rewarded. Literally the derivation of word EID is from the arabic word AUD which means return. Certain scholars commented that this name be may of returning happiness every year or getting copius of blessings in this special occasion.

Eid canbe reagrded as a celebration of humanity from a cultural prespective. Every celebration resembles the tradition and culture of a particular society. The summary of eid is the emphasising of pledge to keep the chastity and piety which a person harvested in the holy spring, ramzan. It is very clear from the prophetic teachings that the true taste and odour of eid is enjoyed only if a person well utilised his season of fasting by doing a lot of virtues. Those people will have a kind of special feelings and merry.

Islam do not agree with the celebrations which are not directed by islamic laws. The celebrations with forbidden musical instruments, fireworks and other leisures are not appreciated by Islam at any cost. The main reason behind the Prophets banning of festivals like Nairoos and mahrjan which prevailed in jahiliyya period was only of the anarchial actions in it. The ultimate goal of celebrations in Islam is to achieve the Allah almightys grace and blessings and too victory in the world hereafter. For its sake people use to make delicious cusines and savories, wear new dress and costumes. Very every virtue in eid day is weighted more similarly every sins will be also rewarded according to its parameter.


Thakbeers are those statements which includes the words denoting his majesty and highness. The relation between Allah and a salve become more powerful if he recites it. Moreover it is sunnath to do thakbeer in the occasions of Eid. The jurist manuals describes two type of thakbeers. They are mursal and muqayyad which means free of time and time bound. Classical texts like Tuhfathul Muhtaj etc in shafi school of islamic jurisprudence is commenting more on it. It is seen that in the olden days prophet use to recite thakbeer loudly with sahabas and march to masjids.


Its sunnah to perform bath before going to mosque for eid prayer. Its also sunnah to wear neat and new dress. Its appreciated to use good perfumes in the occasion. To have a brush and cutting of beards and moustaches are also sunnah. Its appreciated to take all kind of actions in which one will get ready for it like cliping nails etc.


The golden hours of eid eve is specially considered by allah. It is said in diferent prophet teachings that there will be special pardon from allah for those who commited sins and allah will save many of them from the burning hell. He will save more number from hell than he saved during the days of fasting. So the night before eid is not to be spoiled but it is to be effectivelly utilised in remembrance of allah. It is a golden hour to ask repentance and for the acceptance of deeds. It also appreciated to ask heaven and other major blessings. Another nights of powers


It is sunnah to wish, shake hand and to do invocation in occasion of eid with others. It will be sake of the betterment of love and harmony between relatives and kins. Moreover it will result in the melting of enemity and hostility. The sahabs use to wish each other by saying thaqabbalahhau minna wa minkum. Prophet also did the same with his companions and relatives.(Ahmed, Baihaqi)


It is sunnah to have light meals before performing eid prayer. Its appreciated to have food by adjoining all the family members and neighbours. It is also an occasion of meals and drinks. Too it is an occasion for remembrance of god. To visit relatives, friends and neighbours is very good action which is to be done in this special day. It has got relevance in present era where the relations became online and virtual. The days of eid can be used to pay visit for sicks and destitutes. Taking part in their happines is a good and humanitarian action.


It is recommended to pay a visit tothe shrines and tombs of holy personalities. Each distance travelled with a good intention will be rewarded. Such visits will help us to be in a light of fear and moral guidance. If he is a sacred person he will get help from him as pointed by tuhfa. It is also good to visit the graves of family members, relatives and friends. Reciting quran and performing prayer is a very good gift for them to be given in the occasion of eid.

Let our celebrations be in the frame work of religion.


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