Jamia to organize an exhibition on ‘Qalam ke Sipahiyon Ko Salam’ (Kudos to the soldiers of the pen)

By WordForPeace.com Correspondent
There  were hundreds   of  known and  unknown  poets  across  undivided  India,  poets  from  north, south, east  and west,  who raised their voice against exploitation of India by  the  foreign rulers.   Their  poetic verses  became  potent  weapons  to  unite   the  Indian   masses  against  the  ’divide  and  rule’  policy  of  the  colonial  power  and  threatened the  British  Government  so  much  that  quite  a  few  of  these  verses  were  banned  and  the  poets  severely  punished. Despite  the  sinister  plan  of  the  British,  thousands  of  folk  bards  and wandering  minstrels  came  forward  in  support  and walked  from   village  to  village  and  street  to  street  to  spread  the  tales   of  heroes  and  martyrs.
Their  inspiring  poetic  words  kept  the  spirit  and  the  flame  of  the  national struggle  alive  during  the   entire  19th – 20th  century .  Post  Independence   some upheld   the  memory,  the  pride  and  dignity  of  the  beloved  martyrs   who lay their life for the  motherland.  Most of these  poets  are not     amongst  us  to  enjoy  the  freedom  for  which  they  suffered  so  miserably  but  their  words  lives  on.
To  mark  India’s  70th  Year  of  Independence,  Jamia’s  Premchand  Archives and  Literary  Centre  (JPALC)  is  organising  an  Exhibition on  ‘Qalam ke Sipahiyon Ko Salam’ – Select  Hindi  Urdu  Kavya-Kalaam  of  Indian  Freedom  Movement Poets.
This  selection of Urdu  Kavya-Kalaam  of  Indian  Freedom  Movement Poets will be on exhibit from 18th  to  25th  August,  2016  in  JPALC,  Al- Beruni  Block,  JMI  from  10.00 am  to  5.00 pm.  Entry  to this event will be  from  Gate No. 7.
This  exhibition  is  a  tribute  to  all such poets  who  dedicated  their  creative  expression  to  the  nation. Some   of   the   celebrated  Hindi-Urdu   poets  and  their   verses   which  are remembered  for  their  patriotic  fervour  are  the  highlights of  this exhibition.

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