Jamiat on filing review petition on Babri Masjid verdict, ASI mosques & protection of waqf properties

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New Delhi, November 21, 2019: In order to deliberate on whether to file a review petition against the Supreme Court verdict on Babri mosque and whether to accept five acre plot as an alternative land for the mosque, the national working committee meeting of Jamiat Ulama-i-Hind was held under the presidentship of Maulana Qari Mohammad Usman Mansoorpuri, President of Jamiat Ulama-i-Hind. The meeting also discussed the other issues concerning the country and community. Following the extensive deliberations involving Islamic scholars, lawyers and experts, the Jamiat has passed resolutions on the Supreme Court verdict, on mosques managed by ASI and waqf properties. The text of all resolutions is here:

Resolution about the Supreme Court’s verdict on the Babri Mosque:

“Jamiat Ulama-i-Hind highest decision-making body, the working committee, gave its nod for filing the review petition following extensive deliberations involving lawyers and experts. The Jamiat Ulama-i-Hind (JUH) holds the recent Supreme Court verdict on Babri mosque unjust and overwhelmingly one-sided. It has confirmed that the mosque was not built after demolishing any temple but there existed a mosque for several hundred years which was demolished and now the court has paved the way for construction of a temple over its site. As such, the judgment is the darkest spot in the history of free India.

The Working Committee considers that filing a review petition will not be fruitful. Nevertheless since several Muslim organizations availing their constitutional rights have decided to file a review petition, Jamiat does not oppose them and hopes that (May Allah forbid) it does not produce any negative effect.

The Working Committee of Jamiat Ulama-i-Hind also seeks to clarify that nothing can substitute the mosque. Therefore, the five acre plot in Ayodhya in an alternative place as a substitute to the mosque must not be accepted.

The WC of JUH expressed its appreciation for the valuable efforts of the respective organizations and the advocates who pursued Mosque case so valiantly. JUH also lauds Muslims for displaying patience as peace loving citizens during in the face of testing times.  It calls upon them to shake off  pessimism and demonstrating their JUH unwavering faith and courage attend  to daily five times prayers in the mosques more vigorously.”

Resolution about protection of Waqf properties:

“The Working Committee of Jamiat Ulama-i-Hind after due deliberation has reached to the conclusion that due to undue interference of the central and state governments, the care-takers of wakf properties take decision that bears harmful effect upon the Muslim community.  In the Babri Mosque case, the chairman of UP Sunni Wakf Board has played a role of Mir Jaafar for the Muslim of India.

In this circumstance, the Working Committee of Jamiat Ulama-i-Hind has decided to constitute a committee comprising of the following persons:

(1) Advocate Shakil Ahmad Sayyad (2) Maulana Niaz Ahmad Farooqui (3) Hafiz Peer Shabbir Ahmad (4) Haji Mohammad Haroon and Hafiz Nadeem Sidiqui shall be the convener of the committee.”

Resolution regarding mosques controlled by Archeological Survey of India (ASI):

“The Working Committee of Jamiat Ulama-i-Hind vehemently demands from the government to open and allow the Muslims to offer prayers in mosques controlled by ASI which are undisputed. They should be opened forthwith for the prayers so that the mosques should remain thronged by the worshippers of Allah Almighty.”


Apart from the president Maulana Qari Mohammad Usman Mansoorpuri, and JUH national General Secretary Maulana Mahmood Madani, those who attended the meeting included: Maualna Amanullah Qasmi, Maualna Siddiqullah Chowdhri, Maulana Mateenul Haq Usama Kanpur, Maulana Badruddin Ajmal, Maulana Nadeed Siddqi Mumbai, Maulana Qari Shaukat Ali, Hafiz Peer Shabbir Ahmad Hyderabad, Mufti Iftekhar Ahmad Qasmi Bangalore, Adv. Niaz Ahmad Farooqui, Adv. Shakeel  Ahmad Syed, Mufti  Mohammad Salman Mansoorpuri, Mufti Javed Iqbal Kishangunj, Maulana Maazuddin Ahmad, Mufti Rashid Azmi Darul Uloom Deoband, Maulana Salman Bijnauri Darul Uloom Deoband, Syed Sirajuddin Moeeni Ajmeri Dargha Ajmer Sharif, Maulana Abdul Qadir Assam,  Dr. Masood Ahmad Azmi, Haji Haroon Bhopal, Mufti Habiburrahman Allahabad, Mufti Mohammad Affan Mansoorpuri,  Maulana Aaqil and  Maulana Ali Hassan Mazahiri.

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