Early Tuesday morning, the veteran actor-writer-comedian Kader Khan passed away in Canada. Some years earlier in March 2009, Kader Khan made contact with Jamia Al-Karam and spoke with the Vice-Principal Bakhtyar Pirzada al-Azhari as he was seeking the written works of Shaykh Muhammad Imdad Hussain Pirzada, in particular the books on Arabic Grammar and Qur’an commentary – Imdad al-Sarf, Imdad al-Nahw and Tafsir Imdad al-Karam – whilst he was in London transiting en route to Dubai. Subsequently, the books were provided to him by Jamia Al-Karam’s Head of English, Mr Imran Hussain, upon which Kader Khan offered his gratitude and expressed much joy at receiving these books that he had sought for quite a while. If time permitted in a future trip to the UK, he mentioned his desire to visit Shaykh Pirzada and see the work of Jamia Al-Karam.

An unknown aspect to many of his life is that Kader Khan was the son of a religious scholar, Maulana Abdul Rahman Khan from Kabul, who migrated to India and remained there following partition, and then moved and lived in Holland where he set up a centre for Arabic and Islamic Studies. At the peak of his son’s fame, Maulana Abdul Rahman asked his son to come towards the study of Arabic and Islam, and to equip himself to continue with his father’s religious work of educating the common man towards understanding Islam without misinterpretations of the modern age. His father saying, ‘If you can make it big in Bollywood, you can certainly make it big if you return to Islam, Arabic and Urdu!’. Following his father’s words, Kader Khan completed an MA in Arabic Literature and Islamic Studies at Osmania University Hyderabad in 1993, and spent a number of years developing himself and eventually setting up the KK Institute of Arabic Language and Islamic Studies in Dubai, and then in Canada. His work in view of his father’s legacy occupied him in his latter years with the aim of simplifying Islam for the common individual of today’s world. It was in this pursuit, that he sought the books of Shaykh Pirzada.

Allah grant him forgiveness and mercy in his journey into the hereafter. Amin!


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