Kashmir: Dialogue with the “right-minded”, not only the “like-minded” people


Without taking names but alluding to the separatist leaders, Rajnath Singh, who arrived in Srinagar for a two day visit to review the law and order situation, said they should refrain from misleading the youth into violence.

Written by Bashaarat Masood

Appealing to stakeholders in Jammu and Kashmir to “come forward”, Union Home Minister Rajnath SinghThursday said “it is not necessary to be like-minded” to hold talks but it is important to “be right-minded”.

Without taking names but alluding to the separatist leaders, Singh, who arrived in Srinagar to review the law and order situation, said they should refrain from misleading the youth into violence.

“Do these people want that the children of Jammu and Kashmir play only with fire and stones? They don’t want the situation to change… let children be children… Education for your own sons and stones in the hands of the children of others. What kind of justice is this, what kind of humanity is this?”

Singh said he could not rule out the possibility of of extending the unilateral ceasefire beyond Ramzan. Responding to queries from reporters, he said: “The suspension of operations is going on. We will sit together, we will talk to the Chief Minister, we will have a security review. We can’t rule out any possibility. But whatever we do, we will do it after talking to people and reviewing the security situation.”

To questions on talks with the Hurriyat, he said: “What I had to say in this regard, I have said many times.”

“As far as the dialogue is concerned, Government of India has appointed a special representative. They have appointed the special representative so that he talks to all stakeholders. We have not sent the special representative on a picnic. He has come 11 times,” he said.

“I would once again appeal to the people here that they should please come forward for the peace and prosperity of Jammu and Kashmir.”

Some forces, he said, were trying to create hurdles. “Some forces are using their full energy to destabilise India. They want that economic progress should stop. But it is not going to stop.”

He said Pakistan sometimes says it also wants to prevent terrorism on its soil. “If you are not able to stop it, why don’t you take the help of your neighbour,” he said.

Earlier, Singh attended a sports conclave at the Sher-i-Kashmir Indoor Stadium where over 3,000 enthusiasts were present. Announcing several new projects to build sports infrastructure in the Valley, he said: “If you have to choose between development and destruction, choose development. If you choose development, the state will develop. Please herald a new dawn in Jammu and Kashmir.”

Source: http://indianexpress.com/article/india/jammu-and-kashmir-ceasefire-right-minded-people-needed-for-talks-says-rajnath-singh-5208901/

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