Live life to the fullest: the exciting nature of happiness

By Rashid Payota

Let me begin with a real life instance that touched my inner-self:

 Muad was an Egyptian boy who was born blind. He never complained of his physical illness but his utmost trust in the almighty enabled him to overcome his weakness. He memorized the holy Quran within a short span of time .during this period he had to go along various kinds of hardships. But anyway he was sure to continue with his unflinching decision. After the completion of memorization of Quran he was asked how he could go forward without having proper eyesight. He sedately replied that “I believe in god, nothing else will happen, because I am blind and I have less possibility to do forbidden (Haram) deeds using my eyes comparing to those who have eyes”.

Being grateful with what we have is an appreciable personality trait that everyone should acquire. Man is bestowed with the capacity to differentiate between evil and the virtuous deeds.

Human being deserves a sublime position among other divine creations of the universe. Mankind is made of some peculiar characteristics which are absent in rest of the creations. Both calamities and opportunities are inevitable in human life. If he accidentally meets any trouble he should take control over the situation and be vigilant not to become distressed. We must understand that a particular event cannot create a dispirited condition, but at the end it depends on our attitude whether it should be good or bad. He should be aware about the befitting alternative ways to redress mental disturbance

                         Which is the best emotion in human life? Definitely the answer will be ‘Absolute happiness’. Every human being desire to lead a pleasant, well settled life. Willingness to love people sincerely is the key factor to lead a good-tempered life. Love will be deteriorated if it is merely for any worldly requirements. We often pretend to be kind hearted, while our inner feelings contradict those feelings. It is necessary not to love anybody in order to be loved. Artificial love will undermine our own existence.

               We are forced to convince ourselves that our happiness is dependent on engaging in jobs. We dream of bright future of our family. It is hard to earn money once we lack a convenient job. Contentious life is not possible without adequate financial backup. Thus, we are compelled to engage in any job which we are not mentally satisfied with. When we are appreciated and encouraged by our life partner for our tremendous efforts we feel immense happiness.

                  Numerous astounding instances of ‘absolute love’ can be seen in the luminous life of Prophet Muhammad. Loving someone sincerely regardless of gaining any rewards is the best way to get rid of the rust and impurities within our psyche. Human nature is made up with variety of bitter –sweet emotions. A person with holistic mentality who braves even for loving his enemy can easily face any inconvenient challenge of his life. He will be well acquainted to maintain a stressful event by this mentality as a mind which is devoid of rudeness and hatred can sustain for longer. Prophet endured a lot of fierce attacks from his opponents. But what made him unique was his lenient, cheerful smile. When he was prostrating during his prayer some enemies made an attempt to offend him by putting the heavy, rotten camel intestine on his neck. While they wildly laughed at him his mind was full with hopes that they are destined to be attached to the immaculate truth of Islam. Even for the harsh ill treatments he received, he responded with the warmth of a beautiful smile. He kept on praying in favor of them. He firmly believed in what god had promised him”Indeed with the misery comes easiness” (Holy Quran).

Being mentally satisfied is better than owning a lot of money. Money is not a criterion to measure a person’s happiness. Once Hazrat Abu Bakr (r.a) came forward to donate his entire wealth for the sake of the holy prophet. He was well aware about the internal and external life style of prophet. He realized that happiness doesn’t lie in gathering so much wealth.

It is necessary to have an honest self-introspection of ourselves. Most of us seek favorable comments from others and desire to have people look upon us in a way that is consistent with how we see ourselves. To get better opinions we may go to an extent that we try to flatter others to appreciate us. In this case we become more self-centered and if others do not concur to our world views we will become unsatisfied and will not wish to continue a healthy relationship with them. It’s absolutely fake and deceptive. When people look on things through ‘self verification perspective’ they intentionally boost their own ‘cooked-up’ goodness other than showing what they really are. People who are closely attached with this kind of retrogressive mentality are less likely to lead a happier life.

Those people are definitely fortunate enough to have succeeded in accepting others views as they will be more happy and contentious in the achievements made by others. They will sincerely agree with the real view rather than having a special inclination towards their own dearly-held self views. This allows them to create a larger circle of interpersonal relationships.

During the life time of the prophet, both hazrat Abubakar and Hazrat Umar were considered most revered personalities among the companions of prophet. But, Instead of bragging about their social ranking they kept affection for each other. While Hazrat Umar was more courageous and known to many as a ‘good leader’ once he was mentioned of Abubakar. On hearing his name, Hazrat Umar started crying ,saying that ‘If I was given the reward of Abubackar’s  misery-ridden night journey accompanying the prophet I would have given the reward of every single good deeds I had done in my whole life in return”!

Ponder over your own past for a while. Doesn’t it have peaks and valleys? Most of us recognize that our past has been mixed in terms of ups and downs.

Despite the fact that we have already experienced many failures and disappointments in the past, simultaneously we tend to convince ourselves that things will turn out well in the future. This over expectation about the future is detrimental and is a big error in social thought. Wild optimistic beliefs mostly do not play a vital role in our future. Islamic teachings urge believers to keep a moderate mindset which neither promotes excessive hope nor excessive fear. A believer will never become excessively optimistic .optimistic bias suggests that everything will become fruitful in future even though he has faced several unpleasant moments in his early days. The most suitable way to follow is go on with a balanced mentality.

An eagle lives around 60 years and then enters to its old age. Since then it can no longer fly smoothly as it could before. It goes to mountain cliffs and shed its feathers and get of its blend beaks by hitting them on the hard rocks. After a while they get new feathers and sharp beaks to gain a new life and survive the test of time. Thereafter they live more than 20 years but if they were not ready to endure the extreme pain of hitting the feathers and getting of the beaks It may loss its soul and its jaded body would be flopped down to death. Its ardent desire to live made the painful attempt more legitimate. It didn’t become a victim of hopeless end.

Whatever the circumstance be, if a person resolutely goes ahead, definitely he will be capable of facing any challenges throughout his life. An optimistic person always ignores trifling things and bind up himself in making up an enthusiastic life. Eventually he happens to chance upon the invisible inner beauty of life, he realizes the divine spark in them. Thus it paves a way to be triumphant to look out into the vast expanse of the world of happiness



Personal Bio data

Rashid payota is a research scholar doing his bachelor’s in psychology at University of Madras. He is also doing his bachelor’s in Islamic theology at jamia markaz, Calicut, kerala.His array of interests include child psychology, educational psychology, behavioral therapies.


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