Londons Muslim Mayor Wants to Do More To Protect Jews

By Correspondent

London Mayor Sadiq called for the rooting out of anti-Semitism in his city and in his party. Khan said he wants to send a message around the world by being the London mayor of Islamic faith who does more to protect Jewish Londoners from anti-Semitism than any mayor in this citys history.

Londons Muslim MayorKhan, a Labour Party member who was elected May 5 and is the first Muslim mayor of London, made his remarks in an Op-Ed in theJerusalem Post. Noting that he has signed the American Jewish Committees Mayors United Against Anti-Semitism pledge, Khan called the recent rise in anti-Semitism alarming and said, We need to send the message far and wide that anti-Semitism is totally unacceptable and can never be justified. We must work together to root out anti-Semitism wherever we find it and, yes that includes within the Labour Party, he added. In explaining his commitment to fighting anti-Semitism, Khan noted: As a British Muslim, I am no stranger to prejudice. I know what its like to be discriminated against just because of your background or religion.

Khan spoke out against anti-Semitism throughout his mayoral campaign and has attended numerous Jewish events since becoming mayor. His first public act as mayor was to attend a Yom Hashoah Holocaust commemoration ceremony on May 8. He has also said he plans to visit Israel as mayor.

Accusations of anti-Semitism have roiled the Labour Party in recent months, with dozens of members suspended in the past few weeks allegedly for making anti-Semitic remarks. Londons former Labour mayor, Ken Livingstone, was suspended for anti-Semitic remarks in late April following a series of interviews in which he claimed that Adolf Hitler had supported Zionism.

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