“Love is life and hatred in death”: Hatred inflames fires, while love extinguishes the fire of hatred”, says Sayyed Muhammad Asharaf

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On the occasion of ‘Mawlid an-Nabi’ (Celebrating Prophet Muhammad’s (saw) Birthda, Sayyed Muhammad Asharaf said, “love is life and hatred in death.”
“Hatred tears a society apart, while love lays the foundation of a civilised society. Hatred inflames fires, while love extinguishes the fire of hatred”, he said.
He continued: The true message of religion is love. Now decision is yours whether you are with religion (love) or with agnosticism, fanaticism, fascism or any other perverted worldview.
He further said, some people are hatching conspiracies to tear apart the country, and in such an environment, acting on the the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) is the only way to establish peace not only in our  country but in the whole world.
He said the responsibility in particular, lies upon us to strengthen the bond of mutual relationship so that the rights of neigbourhood are protected to keep our surroundings safe and secure.
“We should abide by our religion in its entirety and respect the religious sentiments of others faiths as well. This is the teaching of the Prohphet of Islam and if we fail to act upon it, our claim of love is half-hearted,” he said.
Commenting on the present conditions within the country, he said that hatred manifests in different forms everyday. But honour of the people, their lives and properties are the target of the hate savages. Government must act firmly and strongly against such elements. Those who favour peace must come together to stand up against the extremist fringes of the society ,” he said.
The meeting, among others, was attented by Hafiz Nazr-e-Alam Qadri, Advocate Tawheed Ahmad, Mohammad Ahmad, Munawar Ahmad, Allauddin, Shaban Ahmad and Barkat Hussain. It ended with a prayer for peace and tranquillity in the country.

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