Love is the foundational teaching of Islam and madrasas are the seminaries to spread it

By Correspondent
Love is the foundational teaching of Islam and madrasas are the seminaries to spread it. Founder and President of All India Ulema & Mashaikh Board Syed Mohammed Asharaf Kichchauchchwi said it, while addressing a religious gathering in Darjeeling.
Commenting on the terror charges against the madrasas, in the statement by the chairman of Shia waqf board Waseem Rizwi, Syed Asharaf Kichchauchchwi stated: “To appease his political masters and to save himself from going behind the bars, he is playing the politics of hatred, while he is himself indulged in the nefarious acts”.
Highlighting the scams in the Waqf board, he demanded a probe by both the Central and Uttar Pradesh governments and called for the stern action against the looters and perpetrators of corruption.
He further said that there should be absolutely no place for those who spread hatred at the places where religious teaching is performed. Quoting a Hadith of the Prophet Muhammad SAW (peace be upon him), he said true Muslims are like mirrors wherein they appear exactly the same as they are, because mirrors don’t lie. But for a bad person, everything he looks at is bad.
 He said that people should exercise utmost caution at this new fashion of peddling hatred and they should repel hatred with love.
It’s our collective responsibility to boycott those who speak the language of hatred. The trade perpetuate by the merchant of hatred in the name of religion should not be allowed to flourish. The formula “love for all, hate for none” is the only recipe to establish peace in our society, he said.

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