Madrasa Curriculumn-Dars-e-Nizami Indian madrasas of course, Drs-e-Nizami: Controversy rich content and beautiful spiritual why free Islamic teachings?

this Fact From Refuse No The Going can That Seminaries always Islamic Teachings The center are Applications And today as well So many Seminaries Applications that this Direction In Amazing Exploits Results Give are Are. but Sad Event this is That today often Seminaries Ours Students To modern Round In Present Incoming With Educational And Scientist Challenges Of Face To In capable Make In Successful No Are. Religious Madaris The Current Things On In college One Summarily vision Inserting From Only this talk Of Well Idea Ho go is That this Ours The actual target From very behind Applications that our Ancestor Ulema And Islamic Scholars has Beginning In Fixed The Was. today Madrasas The Unfit, Lalcin And Selfish Managers Worked, which Religious Institutions The an objective From absolutely Only Unaware Are , Often Indian The madrassas Monopoly Established Tax Have Are. Therefore, students To Current Round In Muslims Of Religious and Social the problems The Solution The for ready To Of so talk Only leave Note that That Islamic Teaching Institutions Of Main an objective , Many Madrasas In Muslim children Basic Islamic Teachings From as well Naasna Applications .

India In Madrasas The type

India In Main form From two type The Seminaries : A that Only Muslim public The Financial help From Go Applications And Others They that special form From answer Pradesh, Bihar, West Bengal, Jharkhand And Assam In state Governments From Associated The Applications And Their help get Tax are Are. this type Indian Seminaries mine state Governments The Grant And public The Economic help On Dependent do Are. First category The Madrasas To three Categories In Classifieds The Going can Is: (1) Maktab (2) seminary (3) Darul Uloom. although Their between enough Difference is but India In Mango Muslim Their between someone Difference No Understand Applications And every Islamic Teaching Institution The madrassa ‘or’ Darul Only Uloom ‘ Says Are. but Interesting talk this is That Country Spread The Uncountable Seminaries and Here till That Small Regional Maktab as well today Ours you The ‘Jamia’ means University From Named The The Are.

But these Madrasas Of Course Education system should Ours special Not Or Cult – related Religious Akhidon And Ideologies The according Little Varied Happened Eye Comes. Therefore, seminaries The syllabus In Different Islamic Ideologies studies Are doing Are. Examples The Mark On Heard Sufi Madrasas In Vhdtul Survival (survival Of Integration) such as Universal Spiritual Theories Of Education The Are is And Those On Execution To On Thrust Gave go While Extremism Wahhabi Madrasas In this And this Kind Of All Sufiana Ideologies Strict restricted Are.

Islamic syllabus Of One Comprehensive vision

Eighteenth century In India The Religious Madaris In One Comprehensive And Detailed syllabus Prevailing Was Which Religious And Philosopher Knowledge The Also modern And Municipal Science Of many Books Was. In Islamic Madrasas has modern And Municipal Science From related Main Subject like Mathematics, astronomy Science, medicine, philosophy, geography, literature, chemical And so on The with with Quran Of Interpretation (Tfsir), hadith, Islamic Fikhh and Of Sufism (tasawwuf) Literature To Include By One Comprehensive Islamic syllabus Provided A.

Indeed, seminaries Of this syllabus King Akbar The period In Mir Fthullah Siraji has ready The Was. after The Era In Indian Scholars has Traditional Islamic syllabus In some Significant improvement And an amendment Made. Mir Fthullah Siraji The after Unshared India In Islamic Teaching syllabus On work To With Remarkable Islamic Scholars In From some this Are: Mufti Abdusslam Lahore, Maulana Daniyal Carasi, Mullah Qutbuddin Shalvi, Hafiz Amanulla Banarasi, Maulana Qutbuddin Smsabadi and Mullah Nizamuddin Shalvi.

In All Scholars Of relation Different Jhmanon From Stayed And They Islamic syllabus In Different Dimensions To Familiar A. Shah Vliyullah Muhddis Dehlvi (Rahmatullah The Alah) Contemporary Mullah Nizamuddin Shalvi has Indian Madrasas The Educational syllabus To new Ends From ready The And Him Edited A. this for Madrasas The syllabus Of Name Those The Name On “Daras – A – Nizami placed” Gaya.

Because Mullah Nizamuddin Shalvi foreign Palace The Stay With Were And Their relation Those Islamic Scholars And Teachers The family From Was that That Fashioned In India In Islamic Science Center firangis The castle ‘ High Drsgahon In teacher And The Manager Were, so Their Created The syllabus On not someone Tremendous Criticism Of Gaya And not Only someone against. As a result, “Daras – A – of Nizami” Islamic syllabus Delhi, firangis Mahal, Lucknow And Khairābād Central Madrasas In Well Prevailing Ho Gaya. Especially Lucknow And Delhi The Chief Islamic Scholars has this syllabus Of Support The And Him Ours Here Applied Be because She foreign Mahli Ulema And Fukhha To Importance Currently Were.

The “Daras – A – Nizami” syllabus To Madrasas In Applied To The Behind much all Reasons Was. Mufti Tkhi Usmani has In those From One Of mention this type The Is:

“When Mughals has India On ours Domination Established Tax took so Daras – A – Nizami Of Education system South Asia In Comprehensive form Spread Went. Islamic Science The Centers And Islamic Education Institutions The for India world Filled In Famous Ho Gaya. Similar Education System The reason Asian society great Achievements From Familiar Happened. our for Daras – A – Nizami Of Teaching system To Adopt MUST Was so That this has Knowledge, education And art The Areas In Thousands specialist Cause Made “

The “Daras – A – Nizami” syllabus In Main form From Classical Islamic Science like Tfsir – e – Quran, Hadith, Fiqh (jurisprudence), Blaght (eloquence), Arabic Grammar, Mntikh (logic) Kalam e.t.c Of Drsi Books (text books) include Are. but this syllabus In Islamic History And Here till That foreigner And International Islamic Movements The study To as well Importance No Gave Gaya Was. this Aspect To Better Mark From Understanding The for We Medieval Era In Formed this Teaching System (Daras – A – Nizami) Significant Themes And Textbooks On One Eye Let’s Who today as well often Indian Madrasas In Include Are:

Arabic Grammar (Nhv and Surf) Subject On Summation, Munshib Panj Ganj, Ilmul Sigh, Fusul – e – Akbari, Nhvmir, Kafia, Sharh Jami, Hidaytun – Nhv e.t.c Books Study Are Was.

The Mntikh (logic) Subject On this Books: Sharh Shams, Sullm, Sabers Mir Zahid, Mullah Jalal, Sughra, kubra, Sharh Culture And Mir Khutbi e.t.c


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