Madrasatul Zahra: Regaining centre for the lost Muslim antique and prosperity

Shammas Aboobacker, WordForPeace

Madrasatul Zahra

Madrasathu Zahra of Said Nursi in modern context has a crucial role in shaping the lost dignity of Islam. Particularly, in offering both revealed and rational knowledge, it has acted as a centre marking return to the medieval splendor of Islam. Similarly and most notably, Da’awa colleges in south India especially Kerala, as a synonymous for Madrasathu  Zahra play a foremost function in remaking Islam’s golden age amidst the paucity of knowledge existing among Muslims of modern world. The period of Nursi witnessed no any system of education in the country offering both scientific and religious study. Indeed the religious and science studies seemed to carry pride in their separate curriculum and each being critic to other. Being deeply troubled with this schism, Nursi formed an ideal system of education. Through his Madrasathu Zahra, he offered a joined education in religious and science. Referring to this scheme, Nursi asserts “the religious science are the light of the conscience and the modern science are the light of reason .The truth becomes manifest through the combining of two. South Indian Da’awa colleges also hold a similar character standing as a cutting edge for the classical Islamic studies amongst Indian scholars. It provides religious studies along with scientific education under a unique configuration. For today’s social realm Islam can express its real ideology and Muslims will be uplifted in society through the mushrooming of Da’awa colleges and institutions parallel to.

  Madrasathu Zhara was unique and one and only institution which gave both scientific and revealed knowledge at a place. Madrasathu Zahra was template to the entire Muslim world. But when the prosperity of Islamic knowledge was invaded by the oriental and Europeans we the Muslim Umma doesn’t had any alternative schools for rebuilding the “House of wisdom”.

Instead when the Turkey got couped by European culture and when Khilafat was overthrown, communication gap amidst the Umma acted as a basic element in dividing them in too many groups. In 1920’s despair and destruction of Turkey Khilafaat and appointment of Muhammed Kamal pasha who was a radical islamst drove the Muslim world to an unorganized and non united. The Islamic institution if it is jurisprudence which is known to be revealed or scientific both got birth in the prophet Muhammed s.a era itself. Despite the combined study of both scientific and revealed knowledge came in to existence since 1920s the Nursis era.

Dars system in Kerala

Like Ahlussuffa of prophet Muhammed sa students who were confined to mosque and studying the revealed viz  Hadees, Islamic theology, Fiqh, Mantiq and Ilmul bayan, in Kerala “Palli Dras” played a vital role in rebuilding Ahlussuffa method.  “Palli” in Malayalam means mosque and “Dars” in Arabic word which meant lesson.  Mosques and Darses were mashrooming in Kerala from Maqhdoom diaspora era extending till 1970s. And after that the new method which acted as a synonym to madsrassathu Zahra ,  dawa colleges were instituted. It was a  good thing to Muslim Umma of Kerala. Especially  affluent who considered the revealed knowledge worthless.  Dawa colleges provide both revealed and scientific knowledge from under a single label. The highly educated well rounded and accomplished teachers made this as a centre which pushed out civilized community.

Da’awa colleges

Recently in Kerala there exist more than seventy or eighty Da’awa colleges. From the college we can acquire the traditional Islamic studies along with under graduation program. Thousands of Da’awa students play a pivotal role in rebuilding the lost antique and prosperity of Islam all over the world. Graduates of these colleges acquire Master Degree in Da’awa field work also.

Inmates of these institutions acquire degree viz. Saqaufi, Azhari, Sa’adi, Noorani, Bukhari, Hudavi, Wafi,Adani,Irfani,Suraiji etc.

The traditional Islamic studies comprise Hadees,Mantiq,Ma’ani,Thafseer, Fiqh,Aqeeda,Usoolul Fiqh, Usooludheen,Usoolul fiqh and Thareekh. And the students of these colleges are multi linguist’s. they are able to speak Arabic, Urdu, English, Malayalam, French and many other vernacular languages.

Thus, expeditiously and pervasively, Da’awa colleges of south India should ire in to the global sphere.

Shammas Aboobacker Is an independent research fellow in Madeenathunnoor College of Islamic science.He is deeply interested in classical. Islamic, studies, Sufism, theology, philology, and culture. Presently he is engaged with contemporary sufi readings      

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