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Man-woman relationship: Emotions associated with the union-“The She & He Art Show”


The man-woman relationship forms the crux of Astha Mittal’s “The She & He Art Show” currently on display at Arpana Fine Art Gallery. On canvases of different shapes and sizes are portrayed emotions associated with this union.

Astha, prefers painting on round canvases with the belief that all emotions run in a “vicious circle”. The artist tenderly evokes these feelings in her canvases by painting them with her bare fingers, avoiding the use of brushes and spatulas.

Titled “Love”, “Empathy” , “Rapture” , “Lust”, “Desire”, “ Hope”, the collection comprises 10 paintings devoted to the various stages of relationships in life. And all of them have been painted in red, the colour she feels has the power to convey it all.

“Red to me, denotes a lot in general. To me it is one colour that denotes love, lust, anger, rapture, desire and other deep emotions that one can feel. So, I picked it out of the palette as the theme colour.

In the “Emotions” series, she uses neon green colour to emulate the tender emotion of infatuation. “I think of infatuation as a very big monster. Sometimes your mind plays such things that you probably shouldn’t be thinking of. So that’s why infatuation is very tricky and very monster-like in my mind. I have painted ‘Love’ as a mixture of many subtle colours and the cardamom in the painting symbolise love for me. For me, love is either there or it isn’t, the same way, we know there’s cardamom in our tea, when its there and when it isn’t,” explains the artist.

A self-taught artist, she approaches art in a very non-dimensional way. In fact, Astha is thankful that she didn’t go to an art school as she believes that creativity should flow from within and not be bound in a set of rules. Source: The Hindu

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