Mass Shooting in LGBT nightclub in Florida by Omar Mateen: Trumps allegation against Obama is politically motivated Adv. Masood Peshimam, for

Letter To the Editor,

What is the logic in killing the people in gay night club in Florida in the U.S. by Omar Mateen. Omar Mateen of Afghan parents born in the U.S. had no business to spray the gunfire on gay gathering at the pulse night club at Orlando in the U.S. Instead of creating the huge turmoil in the U.S. the 29 year old should have stayed in the culture of his choice rather than staying in the teeth of perplexing sexual perversion contrasting his value system. The state is there to take care of what is morally chaotic or otherwise as per its own norms of socio-cultural values. An individual has no right to try his hand in violently forcing his moral standards. The moral indecency can well be protested and literally resisted.

However the Orlando shooter behaved like a bull in a china shop in the just aftermath of the demise of the legendary boxer Muhammad Ali Clay whose funeral drew not only Muslims but the vast chunk of Christians whose religion he gave up. Despite being the devout Muslim he was a great humanitarian serving the cause of all irrespective of any consideration thus rising to be an icon and the greatest sportsman of the time. Hence given this state of affairs what was the wisdom in creating the violence in the pulse bar and dance where hottest scenes were not attuned to the standards of this young shooter.

Mateens father who is of Afghan descent rightly said that he believed that his son was motivated by hatred of gays and not by his Muslim religion. This had nothing to do with religion Mir Siddique told NBC news.

However the U.S. presidential candidate lost no time in painting the opposite picture. He tried to capitalise on the killing castigating the radical Islam and imposing the ban on the Muslims. However religion does not form the basis of terror and the causes lie elsewhere. The vast chunk of Muslims not only disowned the acts of terror but roundly condemned them. The Muslim nations acted quite heavy handed with the terrorists. It is dismaying to note that Donald Trump is behaving like Sadhvi Prachi of India who under the very nose of the Modi government is out to vitiate the social environment with her extreme hostile remarks against Muslims every other day. Trump looks to be a blot on the country like U.S. showing high degree of intolerance and the deep seated ethnic bias.

The matter has gone to such an extent that Trump carried his attack on Obama to the T.V. studios, suggesting he may be a closet muslim with Islamist sympathies strangely enough Obama is facing the allegation of going soft on muslim terror despite maintaining the Christian faith. Obama is so much integrated with the American culture and his Christian faith that he removed Hussain from his name Obama would have remained a good Christian even with retaining his middle name Hussain. Needless to say that Kokni Muslims in Maharashtra have remained undiminished in their faith and devotion to Islam despite retaining their Hindu surnames which is quite an asset in further cementing the cordiality of relations with their Hindu brothers.

Trumps allegation against Obama is politically motivated and far from convincing. It explains to what level of politics Trump can stoop.

Trump has an overriding interest in winning the American presidential election come what may and this time around he got an opportunity to manipulate the hate politics in the name of radical Islam in the aftermath of the Orlando massacre. Islam cant be viewed as menace to promote hatred for others.

While terming Islam as the menace would Trump and his followers explain as to what title would be chosen to American nuclear terror in Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, overwhelming assault over the poor and defenceless people of Vietnam? How would the wholesale destruction of Iraq be explained on the false pretext of Iraq possessing the weapons of mass destruction? What is the logic of unleashing the relentless bombing of Iraq, Syria and other parts of Middle East by the superpowers in which U.S. is no less involved triggering the worst ever refugee crisis creating the greater risks to the lives of the migrants. The superpowers passion for violence led to the escalating of the further violence. worst still, Israel is practising worst ever terrorism with the shameless backing of the U.S. The instances galore.

The terror in Orlando is not an isolated phenomenon. Due to lax American gun laws there are quite a few incidents of mass shooting sometimes in the schools, colleges and other public places. Trump instead of favouring the tough gun laws has deemed it necessary to focus on Islam bashing as part of his massive effort to win the American presidential election.

While Trump and his supporters are out to spread hatred their consulate in Mumbai appeared to be more responsible and moderate some time back in the Iftar function hosted by the American consulate in Mumbai. Then American consulate in Mumbai spoke of liberal and catholic culture of America accommodating the people of all faiths with the emphasis on the need of social harmony.

It is equally the responsibility of the Muslims to see that the fanatics are not sustained and flourished in the community thus inviting the bad name to the community. With the growth of fanatics the Muslims would always be on the weakest turf.

However notwithstanding the murky Orlando scenario the silver lining is the unflawed American investigation which did not jump to the conclusion of establishing the immediate linkage of Omar Mateen with the terrorist organisations. Only the investigation would produce the outcome.

In contrast in our country there is no need to have the terror incident to falsely implicate the Muslim youths who keep languishing in the jail for years and years together before they are let off by the courts for the lack of evidence. The investigating agencies of our country can well take the help of Salim Javed of sholay fame to inject more fictitious stuff in their allegedly concocted stories to sound plausible.

It is essential to fight terror lock, stock and barrel but it can not be fought with the ethnic bias, political motivation and bigotry. It is correct to show no tolerance to the terror but at the same time there is the need to address the real issues giving rise to the terror to curb the growing menace.

Last but not the least it is for the Americans to decide as to whom they vote to be the president the crass candidate like Donald Trump dictating the radical agenda of banning Muslims from U.S. producing further uncertainties or someone positively influencing the course of events thus not failing the greatness of the U.S.

Adv. Masood Peshimam

305, 3rd floor, Sudhanshu Chambers, Station Road, Kalyan (W)

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