Menstruation doesn’t make a woman inferior to man in worship: Ghulam Rasool Dehlvi in Deccan Chronicle

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In Islam, there is no ‘spiritual impurity’ for mensturating women- Ghulam Rasool Dehlvi, Islamic scholar

In Islam, menstruation is not regarded as something that makes a woman inferior to man. Many misunderstandings occur because of misogynist patriarchal interpretations of Islam that go against its egalitarian spirit. According to Islamic jurisprudence, menstruation is categorised as a state of ‘ritual impurity’ and not as a state of ‘spiritual impurity’. The rationale behind the prohibition on praying or fasting for menstruating women is an Islamic jurisprudential ruling, ‘Daful Haraj’ meaning ‘lessening of the difficulty’ or ‘avoidance of inconvenience’.

This means that a menstruating woman is not required to perform certain obligatory acts of worship, such as Namaaz and Roza, for her own convenience. This is because women suffering from menstrual cramps are not in a fit condition to perform acts of worship that require a certain amount of physical exertion.

Even if women were given the option to pray or fast during their menstrual periods, this would unnecessarily cause feelings of guilt in those who are not able to fulfill their religious duties in such a condition. Islam seeks to completely free women from the burden of religious responsibilities during such a situation. However, menstruating women are not barred from visiting dargahs or masjids according to Islamic precepts.

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