Much turmoil and bloodshed have been perpetrated in the name of false religiosity; Spirituality is the solution

By Ghulam Rasool Dehlvi,
Much turmoil and bloodshed have been perpetrated in the name of the false religiosity. But there has been zero intolerance or massacre across the world on this planet in the name of spirituality. These opinions were expressed by the AIUMB founder and president Syyed Mohammad Ashraf Kichhouchhwi, while he was addressing a press conference on November 9.
He added saying: Spirituality exhorts love for all and hatred for none. While answering a question, he also averred that the whole world is suffering fatal consequence of zealot religiousness. Killing of innocents is very common everywhere whether it is in Afaghanistan or Pakistan in the name of religion. The murderous acts of terror and sadism by the ISIS and Taliban are also the gruesome instances of religious bigotry. But regrettably, some miscreants are also doing the same in India. They are trying to misguide innocent people by misinterpreting the religion.
He further stated: Religious insanity is being used as a fatal weapon in today’s politics due to which people are unable to find out the right path and they are forced to vote on the basis of their religion, something that is quite antithetical to our democracy. 
This is the pressing need of the time that people take cognizance of their votes’s significance. This role has to be played by the media also to make people understand that votes are their prerogative to express their public opinion for a particular person or political outfit. If we consider someone a criminal and still we vote for him, then what does our opinion stand for? We need to understand that the job that a bullet cannot achieve, can be easily accomplished by the ballets, he said.

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