Muslim Students, Sufi Ulema to Reach Out To Kashmiri Youths against Extremism

BAREILLY:In a first, Muslim Students Organisation of India (MSO) is heading for Kashmir in an attempt to make youths understand the perils of radicalism and the alternate present in Sufi thought.

MSO has so far been working across the country to de-radicalise youths and expose what it says is the radical agenda of supporters of terror. Accompanied by Sufi clerics, MSO members will conduct a two-day conference in Srinagar on May 28 and 29, in which local youths will be informed about “the dirty nexus between radical schools of thought and terrorism”.

“This is the first time that a conference highlighting the Sufi school of thought and targeting youth in Kashmir is being organised. We are trying to gather at least five student leaders from every district of the state. The main motive behind the event is to tell youngsters how religious texts are being misused by terrorists to radicalise them. As many youngsters have not received proper Islamic education and religion becomes an emotional point, they are lured towards extremism by unscrupulous elements misinterpreting religious books. We will impart true meaning of terms used in Quran and Hadith,” Shujaat Ali Quadri, general secretary, MSO told TOI.

Apart from members of the organisation, many clerics from across the country will attend this conference. They will distribute literature penned by renowned Sufi mystics.

In the conference, youth will also be taught on how to use social media to maintain communal harmony in the region.

“We will educate students about the kind of messages they should post in reply to offensive messages online so that communal harmony is not disturbed,” said Quadri.

Kashmiri students will also be educated about how India, being the world’s largest democracy, offers its citizens religious freedom and the right to protest. “A few students living in Kashmir want freedom but we will try to create awareness that Indian Constitution gives the right to education, right to appeal and right to legal options. They should respect Indian society and law as India is the only country which allows any school of thought to be professed, irrespective of religion and region,” said Quadri.

He added, “We will give the example of Saudi Arabia, which is a Muslim country, but residents cannot hold protests against authorities.”

Extracted from Times of India

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