Muslims in Media and the Media of Muslims; How Islam has been distorted in Media?

By Muhammed Shafeeque, Word For Peace

word-for-peace-media-and-muslimsRecently a national magazine of India namely Mathrubhumi blamed the Muslims faith for illogic interventions of blasphemy. But the Muslims never sought to react vigorously as we saw at France and Denmark. The complete community boycotted the consumption of the accused daily newspaper. Thus, it was an easy win for Muslims.

Media is an inevitable organic body which deals with the functions of mediation. It can be best elucidated as one of the fourth pillars of democracy and is usually considered the mirror of world affairs and all dialogues, news and events. In 1960s, when Egyptian citizens protested against the functioning of government ruled by Anwar Sadath, they used Dramas. Political taste was added to the medias role. But Media and secular ideology emerged from a single pot.

Social Media are the fundamental tools for advertising certain ideologies. There are no hindrances for publishing any thoughts as this media is totally rescued from the editorial board. Muslims in Media are not the Muslims in real. The time is so short to have an intelligent revolution from the Media of Muslims.

According to research findings on the Europeans perspectives on media manipulation, while they are the big claimants of evolution, they always intend to supply their culture in a bid to pursue an ideological dominance in the world. For the expansion of their cultural imperialism, they found Islam as a strong roadblock parked in every way. Tackling the religion of Islam by misinterpreting the holy Islamic scriptures was an easygoing job for them to further their hidden agendas.

A community can only be read from its intellectual, didactic and cultural context. This reading can be best done from the records provided by the Media and films. Until 14th century, Islam tried to keep its dominance in every prominent area. After the evolution of European renaissance, the condition was widely changed. As mentioned above, Europeans started to tear the Islamic culture by twisting some distorted texts about Islamic ethics. The present demonstrations adorned on Islamic concepts are just the continuation of what Europeans have done in the era of renaissance. It may be such twisted texts which led the Danish newspaper, Jylland-poste to frame cartoons of Prophet (pbuh) without proper media literacy.

As Edward Said quotes, the Orientalists helped the Muslim community revive the original Islamic ethics. When strong protest took place against the blasphemy, it was the books of orientalists which enlightened the mind of the editor of the accused newspaper, who later embraced Islam. After the tyrannical world wars, now the world is concentrating on info wars. In this case, media is an important tool for the persecution. Vijayalakshmi Pandit, a well known critic and sister of the former Indian Prime Minister Jawaherlal Nehru once expounded that she wished to become a journalist at her childhood. But in the present context, she counts the journalism as a gravest danger faced by the intellects in the world.

The evolution of vulnerable terrorism took place after the WTC at 9/11 devastation. As a part of xenophobic sentiment, the Europeans tried to outrage Islam in terms of terrorism. The invasion of Iraq by America is a standing example for the media supremacy in creating a distorted figure of Islam. For Instance, CNN, a leading TV channel, once provoked the theme of harmony and justified the imperialists lust for war at the behest of its chairmans instructions. But the victims of American bombs in Afghan were not considered with relevancy.

In 1998, New York Times explored in a cover story how bombs were disposed in Iraq. Despite this reality, its confusing to see the hollow themes of democracy, freedom and justice in this publication. This is how media acts as megaphone for certain agendas and governmental policies. In this context, the discovery of Al Jazeera was a positive stroke for the Muslim empowerment.

Muhammed Shafeeque is doing a special intensive programme in classical Islamicstudies from Madeenathunnoor college of Islamic science, Calicut. His areas of interestare study of the Quranic Sciences, Translation, Theology, Jurisprudence AndContemporary Islamic Thought.

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