My Spiritual Experience in Jammu & Kashmir with a team of Malaysian Sisters and Brothers

By Varsha Sharma,

I felt blessed and fortunate to be in the company of an amazing Sufi master Dr Ismail bin Qasim of Malysia and his wonderful team of sisters and brothers. During the journey, he taught us about the true and deepest essence of kalimah shahada: ”LA liaha illallahu muhamdur rasuallah’, that is translateed into English as “there is no lord but Allah and Muhammad is his messenger “.

This is the bedrock of Tawheed (oneness of lord) upon which all Islamic theology is based. This is the most important of the five pillars of Islam; This is the easiest way to build close personal relationship with God and attain eternal salvation; This is the essence of Islam.

Shaikh Dr Ismail bin Qasim said that Muslim should believe in Allah as a supreme lord. He or she should submit to his commands in every form of worship, not only in the ritual prayers. In short, we must strongly believe in our actions and words that everything that exist in this universe submits to His will.

Shaikh said that a Muslim should accept Allah as a lord and friend as well. He is the one, he is the unique, he is the Almighty and self-sustainer. He has been alive forever and will be alive for ever.

During the visit I felt divine power of such pious souls who spread their message of peace and love by preaching the true version of Islam and reciting the spiritual songs like naat shareef and qawalli. Shaikh also delivered speeches there on the essence of Shahada. Many people gathered there and some were weeping by listening to Shaikhs heartening and moving sermons and his mystical teachings on the Shahada.

And one of the Hindu girls came to me and said after listing to Shaikhs speech: my faith has found a resting peace.

Apart from all this blissful learning experience, we visited prominent shrines of Jammu & Kashmir like the Dargah of Ghulam Shah Badshah. When back in Delhi, we visited Dargah Hazrat Nizamuddin Auliya with the entire team of spiritual friends from Malaysia. We shought blessings of God at the Dargah of Mahbub-e-ilahi who is counted as one of the most renowned Sufi saints in India.

So, this is my experience thoughtout the journey. I hope that my experience inspires the readers of

I can say with full conviction that the noble cause of Rehmatul lil Aalameen spreads with great momentum in India too, as it is in Malaysia, Thailand, Brunei, Indonesia and other parts of the peace-loving Sufi practitioners.

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