Narration of the lived past; a fair way to resist the extremist outfits

ByMuhammed Aslam

Being encountered with an innumerable amount of terrorist and anti-humanitarian activities carried by certain Muslim labelled groups, Muslim faction is being utterly interrogated with the complications of identity crisis. The issues which also pose semantic frightening and menacing reactions on the peaceful existence of humanity wholly are to be washed away imperatively. Nevertheless human brains seem botched in outliving this grave condition, finding an ample solvent for all glitches.

It is to be acknowledged earlier that the feeling of sectarian spirit and the concept of statehood, being the notions tracked by the advocates of Islamic state, rose from the ignorance of what the religion truly beholds. Understanding the canonical laws and instructions obviously, as directed and observed by the Mohammed, the leader of the creed, there will not be room for any actions that would harm the humankind and the whole existing creatures. Accordingly, the ferocious undertakings pursued by these cults have the conduct of misunderstandings and misinterpretations of the religious norms and practices they abide by.

The commands of Mohammed on the occasions of warfare,not to gun down any womenfolk and children, vividly exhibits the great reverence and homagehe paid for the humanitarian principles. Likewise the proclamation he made, talking about the foes who were arrested in the combat while he and his cohortscaptured mecca (as characterized by thetriumph of mecca),You may go. At present you are unbound, speaks of the deep human value the religion stretches. Contrary to these splendid episodes, what the Islamists apply at present is fairly topsy-turvy.

Indeed it is as per Henry Bayman observed, To argue for the idea of statehood consuming the label of Islam that cause severe detriment to the fellow beings is to radically misinterpret the office of prophet hood. Ignorance, as he noticed being the root of all these problems demands the factual depiction of religious acts and observances that lived in the past. The redrafting of a celebrated past history, which is in a sense characterised as the era of plural Muslims is to be inevitably discoursed in this scenario. It is to be grasped,the beautiful past of our faith traditions in diverse places where Christians, Jews, Hindus, Muslim and Buddhists had prospered and functioned together. The religion prevailed then had shown a diplomatic worldly living, deprived of causing any bend to the basic doctrines of the religion. Similar one is also the method piloted by the leader of Islam too. It is at this point that the radicals of today must perceive exactly how the faith was once functional in away to support the best human potentialities of creativity, invention, tolerance, co-existence and diversity.

Sheikh Aboobacker Ahmad, one of the leading Muslim leaders of Kerala had organised a procession before few years passing on throughout the entire folks of the state calling the community to comprehend the significance of humanity. The mission, withits motto of awakening the humanity, received a vast ground and reception from the leaders and members of several other religious communities also where they also joined, to make it fruitful. It was a solid effort carried by this Muslim leader, with the firm intention of generating attentiveness to the humanitarian ideals in the thoughts of individuals regardless of any social or religious group, and thus resists the stern fanatics of radical and wicked doings.Similar efforts should be evolved from all religious communities that can viably wipe out every insecurities of our time.

Exposing of the exact history and heritage of the religion is the finest alternative to curb and set an end to the rapid upsurgeof the existing turbulent terrorist activism. At an insight that, what we follow is not the reality and truth, the practitioners of false and terrible doings under the designation of religion can halt from the untrue attitude and schedules they create. But what is imperative is to convey this reality to the community very soon.


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